Breakfast Special | Quick And Easy To Make Breakfast Recipes

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  1. Vijaya V says:

    Nice recipes.. but too much "my" happening. My green onion.. my curry leaves.. my poha..etc.. just a suggestion .. Although as long as recipes are good no one would care about that.

  2. the third dish is not called as appam it is called as pongadalu

  3. Siya Sen says:

    thanks its vary good

  4. Hema latha says:

    Thank u for d healthy breakfast dishes…Will try.

  5. The recipes are really good, but a small correction, Appam is originated from Kerala and not Karnataka

  6. I already know how to make poha but I like ur way of making it most very nice video really

  7. Nidhi Gupta says:

    Followed ur recipies. Really they are yum & nutritious and easy to cook from the items available in the kitchen.

  8. Neha Bisht says:

    what is secret of your skin pls do let me knw. thanks

  9. Ruchi u rock ur soo very gorgeous…!

  10. ultimate food recipes thank you so much.

  11. Ishrat Jahan says:

    liked the mug daal dosa.

  12. lovely dish…lovely you….u make it look so simple….love ur show :)

  13. Hi!! Nyc to see youngsters coming up with great innovative ideas & lovely taste .Luking frwd fr more 

  14. merry bee says:

    Hi Ruchi .. I instead of rice flour can we add the whole rice by soaking as we do for idlis and if yes than what's the quantity?Btw I tried poha recipe it's turned out good but only thing is it became dry even after adding milk

  15. nice recipes

  16. must like & comment

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    #zoheb syed

  18. dear , I love some of recipes..but I would like to create a tutorial about Kande Pohe (Onion Poha), Wange Pohe (Baigna Poha), Kobi Pohe (Patta Gobii Poha).. Love from Maharashtra..

  19. Heena Parmar says:

    my question is that " Is it feasible to add lemon, while using buttermilk in corn upma?? also you have added lemon juice to poha recipe and in that at last you are adding 2tspn milk?? two different ingredients?? how is it possible?? kids are mostly restricted by pediatricians for not eating such two tastes food together. .

  20. Gilberto MJ says:

    Ive followed your recipes and them all are delicious. Thanks a lot for them.

  21. H.P. Singh says:

    You added and Turmeric Powder in Poha. How this Turmeric powder will be cooked? will it smell?

  22. Hi Ruchi…newly subscribed to ur channel….I find ur recipes really delicious…. luking fwd to try them soon…till then keep coming up wid new innovations n ideas

  23. Hi Ruchi…newly subscribed to ur channel….I find ur recipes really delicious…. luking fwd to try them soon…till then keep coming up wid new innovations n ideas

  24. Hari Priya says:

    Gurupaduka stotram

  25. Thankyou soo much! we made the eggless pancakes for breakfast today and we enjoyed it!
    we used wheat flour instead 1 & 1/8 cup but we had to add a little more to make a thick batter.
    thanks alot! where can i send the pic to you?

  26. Janvi Shah says:

    I love ur recipies n my mom also like ur recipies very much we tried to make the cheese corn balls n they came delicious ty for sharing lovely recipies wit us tysm

  27. Janis Phelps says:

    Hi…love your site and wonderful recipes. When I buy poha, do I buy thin or thick? Thank you so much for sharing.

  28. i completly loved this dishes

  29. I try your recipes, its excellent, thanks for sharing

  30. Thanks for the recipes. If you get more recipes, visit my channel and also subscribe me. I will definitely subscribed you.

  31. i tried your recipe and i loved it was so easy and tasty

  32. simple recipe teste delicious
    thanks Ruchi

  33. Everything is fine but using my onion,my chilly, my posa sounds funny. The use of MY every time adding ingredients sound rather funny.

  34. I tried the Poha recipe n it was delicious n easy to make. I love cooking n wanted to change my way of cooking. So I am going to try every one of ur breakfast recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Sadiya C says:

    adds in between sucks

  36. Mitch Rice says:

    looks delicious

  37. MyKkata says:

    i am gonnoo love ur putt-ate-toes

  38. Vineeta arya says:

    Nisha bharani's poha
    madhulika ji's rawa dosa n jeers rice is too good.
    thanks both of you

  39. thank you for telling us simple &easy recepie

  40. the measurements are so complicated!!

  41. Only those have mother and house maid in the house can do food fast in morning like that.

  42. Sonam Shah says:

    hii ….I would like to learn d recipe of Thai fried rice and Thai curry

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