How To: Prepping Chicken For Diets

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  1. I just use ms dash seasonings and parsley flakes with olive oil! simple! no sodium whatsoever!

  2. Aurah Fian says:

    am i the only one looking at him instead of recipe!

  3. Kaunil Dhruv says:

    Thanks for the method . I never cut them into thin slices and end up waiting 20-30 minutes for texture like yours did. We don't have Red Vine Vinegar handy here, can it be substituted with say..lemon or rice vinegar?

  4. Liz Arreaga says:

    i love this easy recipe thank u for sharing ☺

  5. Clement Chan says:

    hahahah i just cant move my eyes off your muscle and your beautiful eyes

  6. Mama Lama says:

    thank u! finally someone who actually shows how to cook and add seasoning! and tells us what seasoning to put cause I know nothing! thanks!

  7. GRAFITTI000 says:

    You look like a male version of Dexter Morgan's sister

  8. I find it so much easier to mix all of my seasoning in a bowl before touching the meat and then I don't have to keep touching the seasoning bottle and I don't accidentally end up tipping the whole bottle of garlic on my chicken (which I have done before)

  9. im gonna try this tody… thanks bro?

  10. Can you eats this if got trying to get abs and what other foods are suggested ?

  11. Thanks for the video. Had a great dinner.

  12. Tried this yesterday, was great! Added carrots with veggies.

  13. Asif Ahmed says:

    is cooking spray healthy?

  14. Great video–just getting into eating healthy 🙂 This kind of reminds me of the delicious veggies they make at those Japanese grills. Is it the same or do you have a recipe for that type of food?

  15. Blenderis YO says:

    Dont poke holes in chiken. It dries it up. Also wait till chicken cools to room tempreture and only when cut it. That way juices will flow from chicken sides back to the centre.

  16. Ella Jainath says:

    this guy is hotttttttt Omg

  17. Bro! This meal is the awesome! I'm seeing all kindsss of gains in muscle definition and size. I do this exact meal, but often change up the seasoning and/or the veggies so it's not the same tasting meal every time. Thanks for the vid broffessor.

  18. I have read  a journal showing that chicken is (More than steak) more responsible for weight gain than any other meat. "Longitudinal Changes in BMI in Older Adults are associated with Meat Consumption Differentially, by Type of Meat Consumed".  This study was conducted over 14 years and showed  men and women with the highest  chicken consumption had a significantly higher BMI than those who did not consume chicken.  I don't know who to believe …

  19. Yara says:

    ugh, you are so hot

  20. I try this. I am starting to eat vege and for one year I lost a lot to92to 76 kilos but I want to lost more. .

  21. Prateek P says:

    Any Indian preps?

  22. Holy crap! How can I be this ripped? What's your diet?

  23. Bk94541 says:

    YUM :P

  24. IHeArTrOcK20 says:

    Chicken is cooked purely in the wine vinegar, no oil? Okay…. I hope it doesn't stick when I do it.

  25. 72mustangfb says:

    Sound's great & look's good but you should really stop using teflon cookwear because it scatches & flakes off, then it get's into the food your eating. When teflon get's into the human body it's there permenently & you never get rid of teflon poisening. Go buy yourself some good ceramic cookwear, you'll never regret it.

  26. Modelt5000 says:

    Wow Brett!!! Great job ,looks delicious!!! Will definitely prepare!! Thanks for posting!!!

  27. Awesome! Thank u so muchh! This really helped me.

  28. Sydney23 says:

    Isn't that bad to use too many of those condiments? I'm trying to get rid of extra body fat, would this recipe work for me?

  29. zlivalavida says:

    Fucking hell you are so good looking

  30. Sana S. says:

    Idk if I missed it, but did he skip salt altogether?

  31. looks good bro can I come over?I will bring bud lol

  32. alka yash says:

    can you post some recipes for lean body (dinner recipes)

  33. bill mclean says:

    Enjoyed your recipe, thanks for posting.

  34. Sagnik Bose says:

    the chicken can be made in Indian spices also, thanks to you!!!!! 🙂
    the only problem I had was that the chicken got rubbery…any suggestion…
    anyways, thanks a ton!!!!

  35. Ex Amatullah says:

    white people seasoning? Is hell freezing over?

  36. thank you Brett for sharing this Video . I am so excited to try this.

  37. tried this last night and burnt the absolute shit out of my garlic. How in the name of all that's holy are you not turning your garlic into carbon fossils? considering they are on that heat, cut to one billionth the size of your chicken and cooking for the same length of time?

  38. That skillet has been through some battles.

  39. Pat Anderson says:

    you should not pick up spice jars with your chicken hands , use a fork instead of your hands. your pan is all scraped alowing chemiceals to escape,not healthy . your chicken looks good and I am going to try all those spices as well as red wine vinigar. thank you

  40. thank you for sharing this helpful recipe ! Really appreciate what you are doing !

  41. Juce baux says:

    Wow love your videos, you've a new subscriber ?

  42. Goku says:

    Yo! Dude, good to see your around again. I have been following your healthy diet videos for quite a long time, and it had helped me a lot in maintaining a healthy life. I am waiting for more videos!

  43. SweetGlam says:

    wait can someone tell me why he puts red wine vinegar in the chicken and vegetables?

  44. Romero R says:

    great job Brett

  45. Romero R says:

    the basil garlic combo is best for chicken should try a little lemon

  46. Maryf says:

    I came here to watch you cook, but my god you're gorgeous to look at.

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