3 Fun EGG Breakfast Recipes (High Protein!)

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1) 3 Large Eggs – 234Cals
2) 2 Large Bell Peppers – 58Cals
3) ½ cup Mushroom, sliced – 8Cals
4) ¼ cup Leeks, thinly sliced (white & light green parts only) – 8Cals
5) 8-10 Cherry Tomatoes, halved – 24Cals
6) ¼ cup Milk, any option – 23Cals
7) ¼ cup (25g) Cheese, grated – 89Cals
8) 1 tsp. Olive Oil – 40Cals
9) A pinch of Salt & Pepper

121Cals per serving

1) 1 medium Whole-Grain Tortilla – 169Cals
2) 2 Eggs – 156Cals
3) 1 cup Fresh Baby Spinach – 7Cals
4) ¼ cup Onions, diced – 17Cals
5) ¼ cup Bell Pepper, diced – 6Cals
6) ¼ cup (25g) Cheese, grated – 89Cals
7) 2 tbsps. Black Olives, pitted & sliced – 20Cals
8) 1 tsp. Olive Oil – 40Cals
9) ½ tsp. Cayenne Pepper – 3Cals
10) A pinch of Salt & pepper

84.5Cals per slice

EGG IN A BASKET (2 slices)
1) 2 thick slices of Whole-Grain Bread – 220Cals
2) 2 Eggs – 156Cals
3) 1 tsp. Olive oil – 40Cals
4) A pinch of Salt & Pepper
5) A Large Cookie Cutter

208Cals per slice

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  1. i love ur videos i just stuck here per day im watching atleast 15 to 20 videos its amazing.whatever thanks for sharing ur personal videos

  2. hi,joanna this is lohitha i'm in the hostel and we cant prepare on our food but i love to have my healthy meals.please upload the videos which are not cooked.

  3. sizhuliu says:

    Enjoy your hen vagina anus period!

  4. Eggs are very unhealthy! A study was conducted that showed that eating just 1 egg a day shortens your life the same amount as smoking five cigarettes a day! (Check out Dr. Michael Greger's video, Uprooting The Leading Causes Of Death) Please don't promote eggs on your channel Joanna, they are nothing but hen periods. It's disgusting. And chickens have to suffer for it, too. Please keep that in mind. Besides, every single food contains protein. Not eating eggs is better for the chickens, for the environment, and for us.

  5. soni Khan says:

    can we contact each other at what's up

  6. soni Khan says:

    joann plz help me….I m too fat than my age and height

  7. shine orchid says:

    that parchment paper was so nice

  8. shine orchid says:

    great video, don't pay attention to haters

  9. those breakfast ideas sounds amazing ! i can't wait to try them ! thanks Jo !

  10. I would prefer the second one

  11. Why eggs when there are so many plant foods containing just as much protein as eggs but way less fat?

  12. Sarah Betz says:

    I can't wait to try these. Love your recipes!

  13. manal m says:

    You look gorgeous, thanks for the video and get well soon!

  14. I eat eggs everyday I so Good

  15. hey joannah thanks alot for all dese recipe
    really appreaciated tnks alot
    N plzz kind request to keep on motivatin us by sharin all ur healthy recipe
    tanks alot once again☺

  16. hi joannah…. I just begin my stretching exercise following you for burning cellulite n belly fat….. I don't understand how to breath in n breath out while exercising can you just show it how to breath in n out when we do exercise…. thanks ….we love you so very much

  17. Ebizzill says:

    oh dear… here comes the vegans

  18. Thank you, this video if very useful! Don't stop making other alternatives just because some hateful comments. :)

  19. mmmmm hens period so yummyy

  20. eating hens period again??

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