Capsicum with besan recipe| Indian veg recipe| Lunch and dinner recipes

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4 Responses

  1. Amit Patnaik says:

    looks good. sure i m goona make it soon…

  2. Vaishnavi T says:

    All your recipes are really good, but just one suggestion on this capsicum besan sabzi, sprinkle all the besan on top and do not stir it immediately, let it be like that for like 1 min or so,  this way the besan will not separate from the capsicums, it will nicely get incorporated, I used to do the same way like you until my mom told me this trick and this applies to any sabzi with besan on it. Hope it helps.

  3. Piya K says:

    Nice recipe n very easy too…i made it first time n my hubby loved it,,,, thank you 🙂 can u pls show us the recipe fo karle chi bhaji 

  4. Anagha Mane says:

    worked out gr8 thank u

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