Healthy Meal Prep | Week 1

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35 Responses

  1. Omg! I just discovered you and you are a heaven sent! Love EVERYTHING about your channel!?? Thank you!!

  2. LOVED that little mango trick with your cup girl!!!!

  3. syeda tahea says:

    omggg I love ur recipe I need to make this one day

  4. hey girl!!! love your videos!!! i was wondering where you get your mason jars from? is there a wholesale website?

  5. Amanda S. says:

    What would you suggest as a substitute for Kalamata Olives?

  6. Jennifer W says:

    DG, you're phenomenal, thank you for all your great ideas. I'm going to try meal prepping for my whole family – individual instead of whole meals, so that everyone can make things as they need. Besides, my husband doesn't like fish and has different needs than me, for example.
    Anyway … I'm not used to brown rice yet. Can I use a rice steamer to make both white and brown rices, and then blend them?

  7. EndPur says:

    Great Video ! Thanks

  8. Patsy Khan says:

    lovely you are making my life easy hahah

  9. Where do you get all your different size Mason jars?

  10. this video made me hungry I'm starting a diete

  11. Angela Ng says:

    Am i the only one who can't find the smoothie recipes? why don;t i see them on her instagram?

  12. What can i sub the feta with for the salad? Thanks 🙂 Planning to prep this whole menu for next week… first week back to classes love love this series

  13. MB Makeup says:

    Will the salmon hold up for a week?

  14. ally says:

    2016 my very dear

  15. maria noto says:

    Just found your channel

  16. Cydney Shain says:

    love these ideas

  17. Please do this series AGAIN!!!!

  18. Tonia C says:

    Help I love the ideal but have no teeth is there away to soften the veggies before i store them?So that i can eat them.

  19. Ang Phillips says:

    Hello have u ever made a tandoori chicken or the spice I found one a bulk barn that is awesome but it's mystery spice. Haha

  20. JooJooHappy says:


  21. Is this suppose to be for only one person?

  22. feeling so nostalgic 😀 I discovered this channel on New Year and I've been cooking my own food ever since :D

  23. Jason Jets says:

    Could you please do this series again for 2016? I really need it.

  24. StarleePie47 says:

    Raw cauliflower? Yuck!

  25. erica matty says:

    So how did you cook the rice? how much, how long? It is the only thing not in the description box. I always seem to mess up rice.

  26. can you freeze samon

  27. Sami Curran says:

    I watched this whole video whilst eating a big chocolate cookie haha. The irony!

  28. I just love you! lol You make cooking super enjoyable!

  29. when prepping celery and carrot. cut little slits in each end of the strips put them in a tight container and add ice cubes . This causes the ends to curl and look pretty and kids love them. My grandmother told me that trick and it was the one way I would eat raw carrot sticks. :)

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