How to make Oreo Popsicles | Cooking for Kids | Easy Dessert Recipes by HooplaKidz Recipes

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23 Responses

  1. Super Mama says:

    Oh my goodness!!! This looks sooo good! Check out my Popsicles and let me know what you think.?

  2. HorseCrazy says:

    Your recipes are the best ??

  3. Umm , can I just melt some vanilla ice cream instead of mixing so much things together? .. serious question

  4. India Hilton says:

    You are so luky ????????

  5. Ami Di Bella says:

    Yummmm! I love Oreos! They are definitely my favorite cookies!! ???

  6. ااأاااااااااااااا

  7. awesome # says:

    OMG so tasty an awesome ❤

  8. didn't you make a video about this already

  9. can you do a face revel

  10. Crystal Fame says:

    I did this and added oreo crumbs to the bottom aswell ao it looked like a real oreo !!

  11. Sierra D says:

    I don't have condent milk?

  12. Wait you did this one.

  13. Omg,….seriously?..easy?
    It is…….. Really AMAZING AND DELICIOUS
    i love this channel even though iam not kid :)

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