Omelette Sandwich – Quick & Easy Breakfast recipe

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37 Responses

  1. Anne Ahmet says:

    looks delicious thank you

  2. jasreet m says:

    nice sandwich, pretty nice update kitchen, it;s looking wonderful.

  3. I really like ur easy recipe. Im living in a village in indonesia so some of ingredients are not available in my place so im thinking to adjust with local vegs :)

  4. when she talks about little bit oil and little bit butter.. NOOOO thats sooo much! too much! thats not healthy… but the omelette idea is cool though

  5. Alizeh Abdul says:

    Amazing recipe !! But i would like to say one thing, you use a non wooden spatula on a non stick pan, this is he reason why your pan had scratches on it , if you use a wooden spatula on non stick pans it keeps them safe from scratches and thats what is supposed to be used on the non stick pans, i tried your recipe it tastes yum :)

  6. very nice G your recips

  7. sia Qtr says:

    sooooo nice????

  8. less time,less material,less work,………….very nice.

  9. like your preparation of omelette… nice.

  10. Tua says:

    u cook with do much love…..going to make this tomorrow

  11. Abdul Majid says:

    thanxs a lot sister ur recipes r easy n awesome God bless u

  12. u r receipes are really amazing

  13. Tammy Rowden says:

    im sorry ppl are petty to comment so much on someone using a spoon and not a fork. I ve used a knife before whatever gets it done dont worry what they think! lol wtg great job cooking ..

  14. Fantastico gracias

  15. Habitant says:

    Great idea ill be making this for sure

  16. Tadillaaa, tadillaa

  17. Many a times while flipping the omelette it breaks. What should be done about it?

  18. the bread is stale it jst broke off while frying

  19. too much pepper..

  20. it looks great! but too much pepper for my tongue buds lol

  21. KARTIK JOSHI says:

    this was just a piece offfff sh@t

  22. KARTIK JOSHI says:

    what is the differrence btw ur bread omlete nd omlete sandwich

  23. Shivvani tak says:

    looks delicious, ty for sharing

  24. Nonana Mita says:

    when look already want to eat,:D

  25. nice but too much process

  26. thank u for suggeting new and quick breakfast

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