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22 Responses

  1. Crystal King says:

    "Im obsessed with food" ?? I love you

  2. Shabnum Zeb says:

    you look like bunny from grav3yardgirl!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG EVERYONE GO CHECK HER OUT!!!!!!!?

  3. Does she remind anyone else of Mary-Louise Parker?

  4. Nikki: "That's soo good, it's so good. I swear, it's so good. Isn't it good? It's sooo good."
    Ramsay: "I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass, darling. That's RAWWWW."

  5. Subbed, you are amazing ?.

  6. Deanie Baby says:

    You made my mouth watery. You really did!

  7. I love the positivity you have in legit every step (especially that last little bounce, so cute!)

  8. hi wyd I am a big fan of your chanell??????

  9. Kisha Lray says:

    looks yum!! thanks for sharing:)

  10. I loved these you deserve a lot more subscribers

  11. YUM! I tried the lemon + pesto potato salad and it was the BOMB! Finally, a healthy dinner option that is good for me! Subscribed! My vids are unhealthy… ;))))

  12. Imar Rojas says:


  13. subscribed i love it

  14. Flora Krylov says:

    do u make it all the time

  15. Ethen Rosas says:

    Her voice sounds so familiar is she a voice actor for anything

  16. for the tacos can I use a wholemeal tortilla?

  17. Can I use any kind of potato?

  18. avilia gomez says:

    I made these fish tacos for supper tonight my husband doesn't usually like salmon but he loved these tacos !

  19. you are so cute and have such great recipes???

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