Crispy Vegetable Cutlets | Easy To Make Appetizer Recipes

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24 Responses

  1. diya kapoor says:

    this is awesome. my kid will love this. thanks for sharing

  2. very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very!very! tasty and very easy to prepare.thank you!

  3. anis sk says:

    Is bread crumbs are compulsory?in this recipe

  4. Surabhi Guha says:

    what is 'all purpose flour' solution ?

  5. Md Aadil says:

    Nice recipes I love ITT°°°°°°°°

  6. hey welcome.i want to do kaju barfi .when will you do it

  7. thank you so much kanak.fantastic dish everyone liked in my house.

  8. Yash Malani says:

    plz keep the background music low so that we can hear u clearly ..

  9. Toni Jones says:

    You are amazing!!!! My son will love these, can't wait!!!

  10. Spandan Nag says:

    lime juice is compulsory?????

  11. Heena Naaz says:

    I just want to know in the Last time what did you add bread crust and….. I don't understand can you please tell me

  12. tanha jahin says:

    You are so sweet.

  13. Aneeta w says:

    yum recipe kanak! can I add boiled fish in the same mixture? will it be ok to freeze it? how much time prior to frying do i take out the mixture from the freezer?

  14. great recipe! using powdered cornflakes for breading is ingenius!

  15. sapna tols says:

    How do we freeze it ?? Is it before or after cooking ? How many days can we freeze it for ?

  16. Kirti Manga says:

    Where to find Cornflakes pwdr ? Hv u grind d cornflks into pwdr?

  17. Shifali says:

    Nice recipe. Can we bake this in oven instead of deep frying? If yes please let me know the procedure. Thanks :)

  18. Nice recipe kanak….. plz share some eggless baking dishes ….

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