Easy Greek Salad recipe, super healthy and delicious, how to cook.

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  1. Emin Muça says:

    okay but your English is 😀 …..

  2. I don't care if the salad is Greek or not as everyone is making a big deal about it. I made the dressing and replaced cilantro with basil. It was a major hit. Everyone was asking me for the recipe.
    Thank you and keep posting.

  3. may i know what kind of cheese is that? thanks

  4. Mez Vega says:

    I love how you speak english <3!!!

  5. Emma Harrop says:

    Looks but good but I hate olives, any alternative?

  6. WannaBite says:

    very healthy and beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  7. i love her accent she sounds like sofia viagara

  8. I tried "8 Olivos Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and WOW!! its amazing …I have been corrupted by bad olive oil. It is very light and clean or fresh tasting. I was definitely not prepared for the difference between this product and store bought olive oil.

  9. Nice Recipe.. Here is my small presentation on how to make Bisi Bele bath.. Please let me know you feedback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ougLRJPwsdk

  10. This salad looks great! I'm going to try it tomorrow morning. Do you think it's ok to bring it for lunch? Will it get soggy? Thanks!:D

  11. What is the brand and model number of your nailpaint…want it for my GF

  12. stavros19743 says:

    what a cutie!
    like the salad… loooove the accent

  13. Ulla Sari says:

    Leruuss lettuce
    Lerrruuss lettuce

  14. Gary Turbo says:

    looks delicious, deffinately going to try :)

  15. Kieran Bruce says:

    So I need some leadoose for my salad, check.

  16. dina dinaki says:

    thats not how we make greek salad!

  17. Zahra Sheikh says:

    Nice! I love it. Now my mom got an idea of how to make greek salad, since she never did! Are you greek?

  18. does anybody else besides me noticed something creepy ? watch carefully on 3:26 the cutting board moved by itself and the lady stopped it.

  19. Great job than you.

  20. Saturn554 says:

    OMG that looks good!!!!

  21. Prince Baby says:

    Ah at last the chicken. It changes everything..lol.

  22. haledragon1 says:


  23. I love the way she talk ??

  24. Deastadeai says:

    Very informative and easy to understand the process. I will try your recipe soon, since I am tired of buying my greek salad. I will make my own and save some money!

  25. yummy I have made thé same it's exellent. Thanks a lot for thé recette it was very delicious. Bravo you are an exellent chef keep it up

  26. eleni flower says:

    it's nice..but not a greek salad

  27. Looks so good! I will definitely try this one!

  28. thelif53 says:

    calm down all greeks don t make there salad the same as with the rest of the greek foods

  29. Artemisart says:

    There is very tasty spices for Greek salad and varius Greek food http://www.ebay.com/usr/westartemis

  30. Giota GS says:

    this is not easy at all, and this is not a greek salad? haha

  31. MrMoaliali says:

    thank you for the recipe.

  32. nasra eraad says:

    thank you my sisther

  33. mary like says:

    thats not how we make greek salad !

  34. kajova says:

    Love your recipe! It looks so fresh and appetizing!! definitely I will add it to my menus!, thanks for posting.

  35. Sandy — Thank you so much,
    I am sure it is going to be wonderful.You have explained very well. 
    Keep up the Good work

  36. angellawills says:

    Great job fixing go and make one right now

  37. you are so beautiful. New subscriber..

  38. Mar00f says:

    Man no one on youtube makes a real greek salad. Was in Crete on vacation, hade greek salad everyday and none of them where like the ones on youtube.
    Cant someone greek please make a vid!

  39. Haris Pane says:

    don't want to disapoint you but. we never put garlic in our salads exept one and that's purslane salad.

  40. hey love your accent.

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