Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

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  1. Julia Miles says:

    I watched this whilst eating chocolate

  2. you both looks so beautiful???

  3. I think I'm going to try out the avocado on toast recipe this morning, it looks delicious! Thanks for the video, it's edited really nice, too! 🙂 xo

  4. T B says:

    Can someone tell herthatshes saying the word basil wrong

  5. I made the granola and used it as cereal. I used almonds cut in half instead of blueberries and then another time tried with blueberries. both were super delicious

  6. what's a medium heat on the oven, like 375 F?

  7. Hi, most of the recipes prepared are fast because i do not have much time to make me something elaborate, is for me very important to eat complete and balanced and think these recipes help me to do this, so thank you very much, I wonder if you could upload a video containing simple, healthy and delicious dessert recipes
    I hope this video c:

  8. Anas K says:

    Cutz girls im already full i dont want to eat hahah

  9. HeyItzCho says:

    That is loads of coconut oil…

  10. Man I wish I like tomatoes or avocado because that does look good! I just can't stomach the texture…


  12. Lol "bah-zil"
    We say "bae-zil"

  13. olenorie says:

    Becky's hair is so awkward. The extensions and her natural hair color don't match. 

  14. Chloe Morley says:

    The granola looks interesting

  15. Becky…what's going on w ur hair??!lol 

  16. vesperholly says:

    the avocado on toast is delicious!

  17. That granola looks so good. Thanks for the recipes! Definitely going to use them!

  18. Soumaya says:

    Delicious! And really simple.

  19. greekgav97 says:

    The avocado with toast tastes really good if you sprinkle some crumbled feta cheese on top!

  20. Great recipes! Can't wait to try them :)

  21. Looks Yummy!! ?☺️

  22. Also I recommend people start using other alternatives to cow's milk. Cows with their methane gas contaminate 51% of all greenhouse gases compared to all transportation which is 13%. Source: cowspiracy

  23. The first one looks really tasty

  24. I know you said where you got the measuring cup at but I didn’t catch it (sounded like you got it at “Next"?). I assume you got it somewhere in the UK and that is why I didn’t recognize where you said. I think it is adorable! Do you know where I might be able to buy one online that ships to the US?

  25. Really good video !

  26. Natali G says:

    Subscribed because I love healthy related videos so please make more,plus I love ur personality❤️

  27. muslimah432 says:

    omg i cant wait to try these out!!!! but i dont have the rolled oats 🙁 is it ok to use old fashion oats instead of rolled oats?????

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