Healthy Meal Prep Ideas – The Squishy Monster

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20 Responses

  1. Great sandwich! I do a similar goat cheese sandwich but with meat added and spinach instead of zucchini, and the salad reminds me of the ones my mother used to make (especially the use of capers). This is the first video you have made that reminded me of the food I grew up with, and it was awesome! Keep the videos coming.

  2. Archie Beatz says:

    Thank you so much for this.. I'm trying this one week for my meal prep. It gets boring you know lol :)

  3. great ideas, like☺

  4. Love your video your salads look delish just how i make mine afterall we eat with our eyes to

  5. Thanks for the yummy ideas!!

  6. EZGlutenFree says:

    What a wonderful idea.
    Without some sort of meal prep I find that my eating plan goes out the window.
    I love videos like this. That veggie sandwich looked freakin amazing.

  7. AllenGraph says:

    my speakers are messed up but I swear you said I love allengraph

  8. Thank you for sharing these great ideas with us. You are very sweet

  9. Ollie Umma says:

    Oooh loving these ideas Angela! This is going to help especially being a busy umma! Xoxo

  10. I never thought of using goat cheese as a spread for my sandwiches, what a great idea, Angela! I also keep my nuts in a small resealable bag which is way too big for the amount I eat during the day. I see that you use a small mason jar for that, so I'll steal that idea from you, as well! =D

  11. LESTER N says:

    Angie. What a wonderful variety! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!!!

  12. Deisy Ponce says:

    Awesome would love to see more!

  13. good healthy ideas…I like to eat healthy snacks on my way to Burger King.

  14. Deb 29 says:

    Love your channel thanks for sharing all of these meals look awesome :]

  15. estevenson83 says:

    where do you get he containers for salad and the dressing. great video btw!

  16. these look so look good!

  17. Hanshu Pu says:

    First? These healthy foods does not even look healthy. They're so healthy

  18. missmixie327 says:

    Amazing ideas!!! Love these types of videos! They inspire me to eat a lot healthier!

  19. great and easy meal prep Angela! i really love the grilled vegetable sandwich it's my favorite ;)) i wish to see more of your healthy meall prep dear tfs? have a lovely week♡

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