Veg momos recipe/famous evening tea snacks recipes/easy starter dish ideas for

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  1. Sohana Khan says:

    Nice n so tasty food …like it

  2. looks great and easy to prepare and hope will be palatable too ??

  3. S P Rai says:

    i have added a little more ingredients in filling and it was awesome and very simple thanks for the recipe thank you so much

  4. Tazeem Khan says:

    really good !!..thanks :)

  5. It's really nice. ..yummyyyyy momos

  6. Sandeep kaur says:

    it is a tasty recipes

  7. amit nadekar says:

    Really I hate momos

  8. Sagar Thapa says:

    would be more better and tastier adding brocouli or cauliflower..

  9. Udit Vaidya says:

    very easy and good recipe

  10. Iqra Ali says:

    i like watching this video

  11. Richa Suneja says:

    very easy recipe, thank you

  12. sukesh gola says:

    i liked the packing part its really good

  13. Pinky Paul says:

    Hi ! I love your style of cooking! So simple way Please reply ! If the chicken is steamed , how to get rid of the raw smell of chicken. Should I sauté the chicken before steaming will it still taste good??

  14. Anupma Sinha says:

    thanks. for. video

  15. hey i loved the recepie. thanks for sharing. i did know about this dish before but didnt know that its called momos. i ate this on my honeymoon in Gilgit-Baltistan thats a very far off place here in pakistan,more like a hill station. The vendors that serve it there call it Mantu and the origin of this dish might be Mnagol or china i dont know but i m definitely gonna try it out.

  16. aasim khan says:

    I used wheat flour and cooked for about 10 Mon it was hard still

  17. TuckerSP2011 says:

    Very nice instructions!

  18. Must try, sounds good!

  19. RB Stunts says:

    Nice one momos

  20. swati kumari says:

    When I made momos.. It stick on my teeth.. Not able to chew.. It's sticky when you make at home.. Tell any solution for this..

  21. anna z says:

    Hi, it looks delicious! I'm going to the kitchen to make tge momos! :)

  22. asha b. says:

    nepali momo is the best there is

  23. Momos are very tasty. Ate them so many times on a recent trip to Sikkim. Thanks for this video.

  24. Aishu Ananth says:

    very nice……

  25. Lovely Recipe ,,,

  26. Beautifully done!

  27. J.K. T says:

    Thank you for the best recipe

  28. how to make the dough??…

  29. thanks you , I like your vdo.

  30. will definitely try… as my son loves this recipe

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