2 Breakfast Bake Recipes

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  1. Are you going to finish that cwossiant?

  2. damn buzzfeed back at it again with the cream cheese

  3. Archie Lee says:

    I dont have the ingredients in my country:(((((( thank you Bosnia

  4. I made the cinnamon roll french toast and it was really good.

  5. Noah D says:

    man these all take almost and hour to make I like their video on quick egg recipes

  6. Rekt Saga says:


  7. I made the blueberry one and it is great if you want to see it look at my insta @heartk3 differently making this in the morning for sleepovers and when I babysit yum ?

  8. where could i find this music?

  9. Carl Jones says:

    I like the music

  10. Alba Prince says:

    Okay here's an easier blueberry dessert. 2 cups of blueberries, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar (I've also made it with 1/2 a cup of sugar and it's just as good), and 1 cup of milk, and a stick of butter, and then bake it at 375 until it's brown. It's my favorite dessert, and it applies to any fruit you like (I've done it with peaches, blueberries, peaches AND blueberries, and with blackberries and it's all been good). Enjoy.

  11. Hibah Naseem says:


  12. Hye Song says:

    The blueberry croissant dish, looks good to eat.

  13. why is everyone suddenly such a health freak when it comes to buzzfeed recipes lmao. if y'all think it's so bad, stop watching

  14. +buzzfeedvideo my aunts were wondering if this could be crok pot cooked just for easier preparation

  15. Jana Dubcova says:

    I neeeed recipe for the dough! please….?

  16. Sara h says:

    soo many calories

  17. Magda Ostyk says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song used in this ?

  18. Cindy Nguyen says:

    Love your videos


  20. Now I'm fucking hungry

  21. Meikai says:

    Cream cheese…..

  22. Mia A says:

    Buzz feed.. Come back to me when you've opened your own first restaurant and diner.. then make a franchise of it so it's not limited only for US citizens… For the mean time I'll stop watching food videos cause they're todture >< Goodbye

  23. thanks buzzfeed i made these both ( 5 pan each) theyer great for camping trips my family ( extended ) all go so this is quick and easy and delicious

  24. Ryan Seay says:

    what are they using to make the mini-croissants?

  25. Why isn't BuzzFeed Food's channel name BuzzFeed MeFood
    Missed opportunity.

  26. you used premade dough and cinnamon rolls which is not available in most coutries, therefore excluding your viewers outside the US
    PLEASE STOP DOING THIS! Just use stuff that we all have and can access such as flour, sugar, eggs and milk. Its so frustrating clicking on a video of something you'd like to try, getting halfway through and thinking "I can't get hold of this this this aaaaaaaand the alternative I can buy for this wont work for this recipe.
    pleeeeease make your recipies more inclusive!!

  27. DaDo says:

    can't imagine that this should be delicious

  28. that's very sweet breakfast #enek

  29. Batman Gamer says:

    I mad the cinnamon one for my mom

  30. cookie girl says:

    almost all of their videos cooking has cream cheese and I like it

  31. nathan wicks says:

    Anyone else here try to unwrap grasonts when they eat them

  32. I swear I can feel the diabetes oozing out of the screen

  33. Hannah Ahn says:

    the blueberry one is delicious. it's so easy and i make it all the time now!! thanks buzzfeed

  34. I found Buzzfeed Food, watched 20 videos, subbed, watched more videos, and now I'm dying of starvation

  35. I would love to know how to make an equivalently tasty blueberry croissant and cinnamon roll bake, but WITHOUT pre made, pre packaged dough.

  36. RyanFrizey says:

    Congrats, I've contracted diabetes watching this.

  37. oh my lord, I have got to stop watching food videos when I don't have any dessert to comfort me.

  38. Who else liked the music in this video

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