Bodybuilding Meal Quick Healthy Beef Stir Fry Recipe

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24 Responses

  1. How do you know when it's ready

  2. Quad Rider says:

    At first I didnt understand almost anything you said. And I watched almost 2 minutes on the same image.

  3. Glen Lee says:

    I like your recipe and believe there is a tastier way to Stir-Fry. WokMon to the rescue!!  If you are stir-frying, deep frying or streaming. You now can replicate Real "Wok Hei" dishes with my new WokMon!  The heat generated replicates a commercial-like stoves! " The Holy Grail of Woking! "  Wokmon flame not spam, Just helping…

  4. Cheap cut of meat perhaps? Cheaper meat has lots of water / salt in it to bring the weight up

  5. Aaqib Azeez says:

    hey nice recipe but when i tried frying my beef it shed off too much water and the stir fry became soupy or water. why did this happen

  6. Nice one dan just had that with are lass bang on lad

  7. No problem man you should check out my buddy Campbell Fitness he does a lot of recipes. I will be putting up my Naga Curry recipe some time soon… not for the faint hearted!

  8. Qasim Ali says:

    Thanks a lot man, you are one of the only people who put genuine recipe and diet advice.Everyone else bangs on about training and never about what and how they eat so thank you very much !

  9. Will grab some next time I'm in. I just have the hot rub and the lemon and herb rub. Have the extra hot and the xtra xtra hot sauces too. Oooooofff

  10. ep82chris says:

    It's real nice mate tescos do it

  11. Hey bud just flicked through my emails and yes I'm sorry I missed your reply. I'll be sticking a couple of videos up this week covering calculating your own macros and how to use myfitnesspal, as I seem to get a fair few requests on both these topics.

  12. Nandos Extreme?? Ooooh not seen that one will have to keep my eyes out for it!

  13. ep82chris says:

    Chef* lol made this tonight but used chicken tasty stuff over did it with the nandos extreme dry rub tho ,she was wild spicy lol

  14. Hey dan, i emailed you back with no response yet but anyways i fell off the keto wagin had alot of trouble with it food was bland couldnt go to the crapped for days on end leaving me feeling bloated and for some reason no matter how many times i brushed my teeth mouth wash etc my breathe would stank n taste weird had more problems the pluses were great didnt feel hungry lost a load of weight in two weeks "2 stone or less" can you get in touch to help me with my macros? Thanks mat 😀

  15. I was never any good at Halo… 😉

  16. ep82chris says:

    Nice mate , u should be on master chief with presentation like that lol!
    Il give this a go some night this week 🙂

  17. Yeah no worries man didnt think you was 🙂

    Things are often misinterpreted through text

  18. Matt Gaub says:

    Right on man I was just curious. Not trying to get on you at all.

  19. It's just the normal stuff off the shelves. I could get organic but in all honesty, I've been eating this kinda stuff for most of my life and I'm still alive and well so I tend not to worry about every little thing so much.

    Take for example the recent scandal of horsemeat in our beef burgers… I could care less, horse meat contains a lot of protein from what I hear.

  20. Matt Gaub says:

    Is that beef organic? I have no idea how beef is prepared/cattle is raised where you live, but in the U.S. majority of our cattle is pumped with antibiotics, which don't even work. Organic beef is difficult to find out here, and is very expensive.

  21. Ill see what I can rustle up!

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