Healthy Meal Prep | Week 3

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  1. Crystal Lim says:

    I just tried the Balsamic Glazed Chicken! Fantastic and yummy! Great recipe especially for weight loss… Love Ya!

  2. so so so so useful! Thanks for sharing

  3. God Bless you for sharing all these lovely ideas with us…It makes life and eating healthier easier..Bless you!!!!

  4. I think I'm addicted to your channel ?. Your videos are short and super informative. Thank you !!

  5. Yael Frid says:

    I just discovered you ,you are amazing ,you don't go on and on and on ….your videos are perfect and to the point ,easy ,option for everyone ,and beautiful ,thank you so much for sharing ,great great job ?

  6. hey if I may ask where did you store all the meal through the week?

  7. Man you are really inspiring me to do this! I love how simple everything is. It makes me feel like I can actually do it. Meal prep seemed so overwhelming until I watched your videos. I really think this will benefit my family. Thank you so much!

  8. I love you i'm just kidding but you shows really good

  9. Johanna JNL says:

    will cutting the veggies (for veggie sticks) ahead be less nutritious than cut when u serve them?

  10. has anyone tried making the chicken?

  11. Kaisa Nylund says:

    Loved this menu!!

  12. John Pang says:

    i can't wait to prepare all ,thnx for making my life easy<3

  13. elena sal says:

    Thank you girl!!!!!! You are amazing and so inspiring ❤️❤️

  14. ryanaf2009 says:

    I love your videos, but 170 degrees for chicken breast (especially before resting) is poultry blasphemy.

  15. can we substitute anything else for chicken broth?

  16. DIY Femme says:

    Any tips for storing roasted asparagus? Every time I store leftovers of asparagus they end up all limp in the tupperware.

  17. this si my favorite one! thanks for share, this is so helpfull now i'm in college !!!

  18. Your so inspiring as a man cooking is not my favorite thing but you have really been help me thank you so much.

  19. I adore your meal prep ideas! Ingenious and delicious <3

  20. Tara Tilotta says:

    I really want to start doing your meal preps, but are you sure, meat such as chicken and fish can last for up to 5 days in the fridge? I always get nervous eating it after day 3. And the veggies, once cooked, do they hold up as well for 5 days? 

  21. You can speed up the potato roasting by covering them with foil so you can kind of steam them

  22. You always wear blue!

  23. lika951 says:

    Where can i buy mason jars in Mexico ? :(

  24. It is like a dream!!! n_n I will cry… I allways hoped that this would be possible. You inspired me! Thanks a lot!

  25. Triathe says:

    Do you eat the chicken and potatoes cold or heat them up through the week?

  26. maya lee says:

    love to watch what u make to eat every week… just by watching what you had to make to eat every week.. I had lost 8 pound…thanks

  27. Paavan Patel says:

    Great info and to the point. The only other thing I'd like to see is a cost estimate for all of these groceries. Thanks!

  28. Hi I can't find the link to other chicken Brest recipes. Thanks

  29. the only way really, is to eat for health and exercise and the weight will come off without it being too difficult!

  30. Wing2000Man says:

    thank you for sharing! I've never cooked anything but I'm ready to give it a try now. My question is: Can you please prepare something where I don't have to use an oven? Because I don't have one :

  31. Love the videos, they are really healthy and yummy looking….i love the suggestions on the healthy snacks while waiting for dinner. 

  32. Thank you for those great meal preps and for the shopping list. I just bought the ebook because I expected to find the amount of all ingredients in it. Would be great and really useful, if you could add that to the shopping list.
    Thx and have a good day!

  33. taz0914 says:

    Calori counts per serving would be amazing!

  34. krati golash says:

    You & your recipes are amazing 🙂 Thanks for sharing all this, inspired by you I am learning to incorporate Salads & Smoothies in my meals & keeping cut vegetables for snacking :)

  35. Anna John says:

    1 word "HELPFUL"

  36. Kristin D says:

    Please do more of these!!!! They are so helpful!

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