Pasta 3 Delicious Ways

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  1. maria kos says:

    I'm Greek and the last recipe is just OMG!!! ?

  2. If you're gonna add some water from boiling your pasta to your sauce, it will be much creamier and the sauce will stick better to the pasta also. I do so every time whenever I'm cooking pasta dishes ;)

  3. Miss Yani says:

    The way you talk makes the food looks more yummy haha

  4. loove your Videos and your Energy. thanks for great recipes i subbed :') greetings from Denmark

  5. rhytm rights says:

    Can you make more vegetarian or vegan recipies

  6. I just made the first recipe and it is soooo delicious! Thank you so much!

  7. You're so good at explaining, I got everything you said step by step. Tonight I will be having the first dish you made for dinner then I'm going for a hike☺️ Subscribed??❤️ thank you!!

  8. manal m says:

    I just made this (and I'm usually the weird one who cooks weird healthy stuff that nobody has ever heard of) so I thought this time I'll make something edible and pretty normal and I trust to be safe if I followed you and I wasn't wrong everybody loved it thank you!!

  9. Noemi Castro says:

    I tried the farfalle recipe, IT. IS. SO. BOMB! thank you for then recipe!

  10. yvonne lugo says:

    you're amazing mama.

  11. Harry Booth says:

    I drain my pasta because i prefer it al dente (a bit undercooked). This helps to cool the pasta and stop it from cooking as im finishing the sauce. But everyone's different!

  12. Nha Tran says:

    are you greek because, you happen to make a lot of things named Greek _____.

  13. Bee baby says:

    Why is it always 3 ways?

  14. Vidhi Gandhi says:

    please divide your videos into vegetarian and non veg….i love your channel but am a veggie so i have to skip alot of videos

  15. Naheed Sadat says:

    I can't thank u enough for these easy, yummi and healthy recipes which helped me while I was thinking what to cook

    you are awesome

  16. DTF GILF says:

    making the lazy lasagna without "lasagna". i'm getting hungry already D: THANKS!

  17. As someone who's newly vegetarian (only about six months now) I find it REALLY helpful when people add veggie substitutes for dishes! Makes me feel like I can still have the same tasty lunches as before, without having to go through the whole "meatless chicken" "tofu-burger" idea of things which while some are good, most are NOT. Thanks for it! Hope to see more videos with this option!

  18. instead of using chicken on the Penne dish pasta,can I use shrimp?

  19. Debbie Hazen says:

    The Shrimp Farfalle was delicious and was quick to make when I got home from work. We are having the Lazy Lasagna tomorrow night as I made it most of the way last night. Hubby brought some to work today and told me it was great! Thanks for the quick and tasty recipes!

  20. Is it just me or does she always wear blue?

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