Tomato Rice – How to make Tomato Rice -Variety Rice – Lunch Box Recipe..

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15 Responses

  1. Beena Thomas says:

    Hello chechi,I had tried out this recipe.It was awesome.Thanks for the wonderfulsimple and tasty dishes.

  2. arul doss says:

    So nice of you…☺☺
    With in one day you replied me…. ?? …..!!!!

  3. arul doss says:

    Nice recipe… And today I made it… It turned out very well… ???
    Easy way and nice explanation….

  4. priya ramesh says:

    Madam please upload more variety snacks recipes 

  5. Rathi25 says:

    I have tried this yesterday and it came out really good. Will it be ok if I put the flame on Medium and cook it for 1 whistle?

  6. Arun Tracer says:

    Hi everyone and sreenath recipes i tried this dish and it came awesome and i got lot of appreciations from my colleagues…. really an excellent method of preparing tomato rice and is explained so well in this video. thank you so much…..sreenath recipes… :)))  

  7. Arun Tracer says:

    Wow, i feel confident now to make a tomato rice at least lol! Thank you for this video :)

  8. Reddylion says:

    can that camera guy/gal zoom in little more pls !!  anyway nice dish.

  9. b s Haritha says:

    Very nice rice thanks a lot aunty excellent tip for make rice was superb

  10. How long did you leave it to cook ?

  11. Thanks a lot.I am going to do it.I liked the way u told.

  12. Samiyah Khan says:

    I'm gonna try this today!!! By the way thanxxx for the recipe!!!!

  13. gigi eapen says:

    It's very tasty. ..thanks 

  14. Nadia careem says:

    Tried and everyone loved it… 😀

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