What I Eat In A Day | Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes

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24 Responses

  1. Rose Rosette says:

    Amazing video as always <3

  2. with your oatmeal if you add milk/ almond milk if vegan it makes it creamier than using plain water also the vanilla almond milk add a touch more sweetness! just thought id share

  3. Lauren Kate says:

    Freelee the banana girl react pllllllllssss

  4. Side Ofit says:

    wow very healthy

  5. Yaaaas I absolutely LOVE these types of videos and yours was so fascinating. Definitely should make this a series!

  6. GlanzGuru says:

    This recipes look so good!

  7. Debra Goring says:

    I like WIEIAD videos!

  8. zoyapink says:

    Hello Courtney! Have a great day! I ❤️your videos

  9. Joana Torres says:

    this looked rilly good

  10. beautybby10 says:

    food yes?…now i'm hungry

  11. Rasul Aziz says:

    This is the best what I eat in a day video because it's so similar to what I eat ، love it

  12. Sneha Mathew says:

    The pizza looks so good! Hopefully I'll get to try it out before spring break is over 🙂 Great video, Courtney!

  13. Pizza looks so good

  14. You rock the cut offs !! Plus I love your hair like that!!

  15. strawberries are my fave fruit too theyre so good ???

  16. Chef Courtney is the BEST! Love you girlie xoxo

  17. This was amazing, would love to see more! As you said so many of these are vegan, which I am not – and although I love watching it's not the most useful for me Ahha

  18. Cheese&Chicken? I thought you said this was supposed to be "healthy"?

  19. I love these video and especially your videos and I can't wait to try these recipes ???

  20. You should totally do more of these I'm always looking for healthy recipes ❤️

  21. of course I watch this video right before dinner and I'm starving!

  22. These Recipes are delicious ?

  23. Kayla Martin says:

    What other types of salad dressings do you recommend?

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