Quick & Easy Healthy Meal Ideas

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  1. Dude, you are so pretty.

  2. Sekho says:

    you're a vegetarian, right? not vegan? coz you eat egg

  3. Rosa says:

    Go vegannnnnn

  4. I hate the taste of coconut and avocado…

  5. Gloria Clay says:

    your skin is beautiful!

  6. why is everyone a doctor, a nutritionist, a dietitian, a scientist these days . pleassse. just watch the video and do your own research. i watch the video like this for ideas, you make it your own. add as much carbs as you want, don't add egg, don't add whatever you don't want. not everyone has time to eat pretty and arrange almond in a bowl but its all for inspiration. we have natural instincts to know that things are bad or good, use that and also research. ask questions. read. even google. relax

  7. MaRiA mArIa says:

    I totally love your videos as a mom, curly haired loves to eat right , organic women like yourself. I look forward to your videos. Don't stop for these fools hatin on here. Negativity is a cancer.
    Love u !

  8. TwinkieToes says:

    Cute little vitamix!

  9. Sandy Perez says:

    Is the brocoli raw?

  10. hi! I found you because I recently decided to embrace my curl. I found your curly hair tips helpful, so i hung around…I love to eat healthy and your easy recipes were just the thing to keep me on track.? the smoothie in a bowl is a good one, because I often crave something indulgent at bedtime ?

  11. Honestly your my biggest role model? your beautiful yet extremely humble and I love how your very open mined and and don't take sides you seem like an amazing mother and stunning both inside and out I love your videos even tho they can be kind of long haha you are my inspiration and by far the best, most helpful person on YouTube? love your content

  12. Your a beautiful woman of color

  13. Kimberly Rae says:

    They all look so delicious…I can't wait to make some of these.

  14. Poppy C9 says:

    Alba first let me say happy belated B-Day!! Yeah girl I'm late but i wanted to ask you to please please do a tutorial on that bun you are wearing in this video!

  15. Hi Alba, what kind of cooking ware do you use?

  16. Ada Wong says:

    These look good! :)

  17. aissa jez says:

    Damn If I rely on this food I'd be dead a long ago!…this is LazyFood not HealthyFood…Thanks for the ideas anyway

  18. Melissa C says:

    Meeeeee me. I want more. Pweeeeeese :)

  19. Isma han says:

    Dear Alba, just FYI spinach is more nutritious cooked (but do not reheat it ever). Raw spinach has oxalic acid, this acid makes calcium and iron 'unavailable' when consumed raw and it can lead to nutrient deficiencies. That said, cooked spinach is more nutritious, because the heat breaks down the oxalic acid making the nutrients richer and better absorbing by the body. Not all veggies are better raw, and some veggies should never reheated once cooked, like spinach, celery, etc.

  20. You e got beautiful glowing skin Alba! Keep up the great work in your healthy diet choices, good nutrition and an understanding of how it impacts the body is an essential part of maintaining our appearance.

  21. thetruth says:

    it's funny how people in the comments think they know what healthy eating is. but clearly they don't know anything besides what they were told. in other words they don't do their own research they let somebody on YouTube or some book tell them what healthy eating is compared to actually investigating for themselves (??) for example of somebody was mentioning that eating eggs is unhealthy since when? oh since you look it up on YouTube,TV show, some book, or some fake heath nut told you so. we need to learn that people are going to tell you what is the best for them for what they think is ok and not what is okay for the individual. when I look at these comments it's clear to see that healthy eating is not something most people really understand

  22. Javion Blue says:

    Loved this video.

  23. Love this Alba great meals ??

  24. please do more, i loved this

  25. Yumitears says:

    Broccoli is man-made

  26. Nalani Berry says:

    Love this vid!! LOVE Too see more

  27. pusheen says:

    for the smoothie bowl =frozen bananas =the best

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