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  1. Bert lREKT says:

    aint nobody got time for dat

  2. Too much cooking! You cook the oatmeal first and at the end you add whatever you want to it. No need to cook protein powder and cinnamon in the microwave

  3. Oliver Tran says:

    i know its very good in flavor, but honestly it looks disgusting :))=)) i eat every breakfast

  4. whey + whites… ho many protein grams is that? LOL

  5. thats alot of fcking protean if u ask me

  6. Jcream101 says:

    Don't add egg whites and then it's good 

  7. browneyedS says:

    I actually put on cottage cheese in lieu of protein shakes. dont eat powder protein more than once a day its got bad ingredients in it.

  8. vishal shah says:

    I don't think I can handle that.

  9. Arun Saha says:

    No salt/sugar? 

  10. Healthy in the microwave? Wtf man?

  11. LOL you are so funny

  12. viktor lopez says:

    this shit gives me diarrea

  13. ifyouseeryan says:

    I used Optimum Nutrition Whey and even 50% power for 3 minutes made it taste sponge like and overcooked.  Going to try adding the protein in after cooking next time!

  14. Umar Ahmed says:

    You any got recipes on how to cook tilapia?

  15. Pete, you should do a healthy meal channel!!! With cutting meals!

  16. Nimesh says:

    Will this taste bad with chocolate optimum whey

  17. South woofer says:

    You can cook the protein powder in the microwave? 

  18. This was such an amazing idea. So happy I came across it! Oatmeal by itself despite the fiber etc still didn't provide me with the satiety to last me long but the addition of the egg whites really makes a difference and provides a perfect texture! 

  19. IamZeus1100 says:

    This is amazing! I added 1.5 scoop protein. The macros for a bowl is roughly 500 cal 72 g protein 45 carb 7 fat

  20. Very interesting… Thanks?

  21. adtr8396 says:

    Can you do a diet plan video ?

  22. Pete next time you should try putting milk in the oats instead of water. I always do it tastes better! :)

  23. Jman Huang says:

    Omfg you have the same microwave as me and I mean exact

  24. What color of green is in that back room? I love it

  25. Franklin Gta says:

    That looks nasty!

  26. Mrr1111 says:

    I can use "real" egg whites right? Like out of a egg.. 

  27. Jesper Zuur says:

    Why did you suddenly stopped talking at the end with you meal? did you do that for the tumbnail? Moron..

  28. Hey pete thanks for the recipe 😀 May i ask you? I usually eat my oatmeal without putting it into the microwave, can i eat it with milk+cinamon+blueberries+cranberries+cinamon+whey protein? I dont know if i could add whey protein without putting it into the microwave, can i ?

  29. I'm eating it right now with vanilla protein, egg whites, one table spoon of peanut butter and its the shit. Thanks man! I been looking for something that makes oatmeal taste better. 

  30. Ryan McKean says:

    Really good recipe!

  31. Adam Vogland says:

    Healthy lunch video. And repond to peoples comments.

  32. So I gave this recipe a try but left out the protein powder since I only had chocolate, didn't know how that would taste, and realized I was out of peanut butter at that step so I just used the cinnamon at the start for flavoring.  Not very flavorful like this.  Definitely going to have to pick up some stuff from the store for next time.  But its a great recipe.  Really easy to make.

  33. This is a great recipe. I have been eating this every morning since you made this video. I finally got the Cinnabun Trutein and it is great. Thanks Pete.

  34. Dan The Man says:

    Why does Pete scream "YOU'RE DEAD!" at the end of all of his videos? I think devouring animals is the only thing that can quell the murderous rage that infests his tortured soul. 

  35. Robin Smit says:

    Isn't it bad to take carbs in the morning while cutting? Taking carbs will stop your fatburning.

  36. NaNaNaN990 says:

    I just made this and it tastes fuckin awful, the egg whites cooked around the inner bowl and it's disgusting 

  37. So is this an appropriate breakfast for cutting body fat?

  38. da churl says:

    I appreciate the alternative and concern but, that doesn't answer my question.

  39. hanglhof says:

    can i use raw eggs ?

  40. how is that not healthy? good carbs, fats and protein… whats not healthy about it?

  41. Kalle says:

    what flavour protein powder works for this? a.k.a what doesn't taste like crap. vanilla? naturell?

  42. luis orozco says:

    How do you cook your eggs?

  43. South woofer says:

    If you put the oats in the microwave raises its glycemic index? Please, answer!

  44. no ross says:

    " I tiny bit of cinnamon" *covers the entire bowl*

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