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What’s good Youtube!
Dishing out sliiightly different content today. So in today’s video i’m gonna be talking from my own experience learning how to go about fitness cooking in India.
Health cooking, especially for beginners can have a super steep learning curve. That’s why i’m here to help you out! Now this isn’t a recipe video, but this is more of a cooking tips and tricks video. I am a health cooking channel as well, after all. So healthy cooking tips for beginners is what i’m bringing you today. Just 3 easy points to go about healthy cookery. Healthy cooking tips for beginners have never been so legit.

For more healthy cooking recipes indian style, make sure you go through my non veg and veg food recipes playlist. india-specific and indian cooking tips and tricks are what i have for you today.


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12 Responses

  1. x Published says:

    hey man, do you have a video about sodium advice? and along those lines?

  2. Thank you, this was very much informative :-)

  3. yo ! great video !
    checking the channel after long 🙂

    cheers !

  4. redsnowgoon says:

    Again! Quality content. keep up your great job. And 'boiled chicken'…yuck! thanks for your solution

  5. Thanks Actually Yesterday Me & My Friends Discuss at gym About What Kind Of Energy Drink Boost our body when we workout…? Did You Know?

  6. millionaire says:

    How long till you start seeing results??

  7. hi sir, loved your pull pork video. just wanted to know which oven do you use. and which grill brand is the best. thanks

  8. DEV MEHTA says:

    stumbled upon your channed this friday.. awesome work man.. and thanks for making something India Specific..

  9. Mehul Jain says:

    plzz make a video on height weight comparison!

  10. bro can I eat boiled chicken breast for lunch as well as dinner is it fine ?

  11. Absolutely. I'm a fan of all kinds of herbs.

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