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Go big or go home!

This protein upon protein packed pancake stack is jaw dropping!

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– 2 scoops Myprotein Pancake Mix – BUY NOW:

– 2 scoops Myprotein Protein Dessert – flavour of choice – BUY NOW:

– 1 Myprotein Protein Cookie – flavour of choice – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Peanut Whey Butter – flavour of choice – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Organic Raw Cacao Nibs – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein MYSYRUP – flavour of choice – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Protein wafers – flavour of choice – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Whole Almonds – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Protein Brownie – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Almond Whey Butter – chocolate brownie flavour – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Whole Walnuts – BUY NOW:

– Myprotein Chocolate Protein Balls – BUY NOW:

– 175ml Milk of choice



1) Add 175ml of milk to your shaker.

2) Add 2 scoops of protein pancake mix and shake well.

3) Cook the pancakes as instructed.

Layer 1: Spread with protein dessert and crumble on a protein cookie.

Layer 2: Spread With Whey Butter and scatter with cacao nibs.

Layer 3: Squirt with MYSYRUP and crumble with protein Wafers.

Layer 4: Spread MORE protein pudding and whole almonds.

Layer 5: Crumble with protein brownie and squirt MYSYRUP.

Layer 6: Spread with Almond Whey Protein and whole walnuts.

Layer 7: Squirt with MYSYRUP and cashew nuts.

Layer 8: Spread more protein dessert and top with Chocolate Protein Balls.

Finally Drizzle with MORE MYSYRUP and Dive in!

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9 Responses

  1. Price to make these: £114.98 or $167.99.

  2. Rob says:

    how to make ppl fat. great recipe for it

  3. Shak Samuel says:

    What a way to advertise

  4. Macros per meal:
    calories: OVER 9000

  5. infinite fats, few carbs, infinite x2 grams of protein

  6. this looks amazing!

  7. Freitas says:

    Who eats all that?? ahah

  8. Matt Parr says:

    Whilst this is perfect for me…. Bet that costs about a tenner ha ha. Definitely trying it though!

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