Freezer Meals! Easy Healthy Lunch & Dinner Recipes – Mind Over Munch

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35 Responses

  1. For sure I will try the chili without the meat :-)

  2. I definitely will give it a try. thanks for sharing. love you videos

  3. MudSock girl says:

    Thanks so much for these ideas! I really enjoy your channel. I appreciate all your tips and your knowledge

  4. BeautySheIs says:

    more please! fav was the meatloaf!

  5. Thank you! Great job

  6. Lola Chasu says:

    Thanks for the vegan options! :)

  7. Okay so it is TRUE, that if you eat under/ within your calorie range you will still lose weight correct? Because I do get that you should eat foods that are healthy for you, but it all comes down to calories?

  8. Michelle Lee says:

    Yum followed by YUMMY! Love the new freezer ideas, and I can't wait to try the chili….I have been hinting to my hubby for a few weeks now to buy me your package deal of ebooks for mommies day….that's pretty much all I want….hopefully he does! Thanks again Alyssia for another fabulous video!!! Big hugs! <3

  9. They all look amazing???

  10. I just ate a black bean brownie (your recipe????) which I make way too often?. I am going to try the meatloaf soon!!!!

  11. Suzie boo says:

    Found out about this video from snap chat lol

  12. Too much Awesomeness for one Slow Cooker. High Fiveeeee

  13. Are you dating your freezer bags for use by dates?

  14. MamaMittens says:

    That's exactly how I pronounce Worchester sauce too. lol

  15. Kezla says:

    Wuss-ta-sheer ! :)

  16. Amy〈3〈3x says:

    Yesssss!!! I've been waiting for you to make this video for ages. Will be trying the meatloaf. More videos like this please ?

  17. what if you cook the ingredients first and then you freeze them? how long can you keep them in the freezer for?

  18. Wilddornrose says:

    Isnt it weird to freeze vegetables withouth blanching them first? I had mixed results with that. What you can do though is cook the stuff and then portion it out and freeze the portions of cooked stuff, ready for lunch/dinner.

  19. Girl! Yes!!!!! These all look so good and easy to pull off! I am a slave to curry but I'm low carb right now and though sweet potatoes and lentils are two of my favorite things on the planet, I can't have that right now! ???

  20. Lol Worcestershire sauce! I say "Wusta-sheer" ?

  21. These all sound delicious! I'm most interested in trying the meatloaf. Love it :)

  22. Please do a complete vegan freezer meal video❤️❤️❤️

  23. Man I wish I had a slow cooker or an oven. They all look so good! I love lentils, and so does the meatloaf! Off topic, love you hair in this :)

  24. yuuuumm! they all look so good. I wanna try them all!!

  25. LooLY Love says:

    more from this video
    looove yooou

  26. Eszter Kozma says:

    I don't have a slow cooker, but I'll definitely try the meatloaf 🙂 Thank Alyssia!

  27. You are the bomb.

  28. Katie Sims says:

    I love these! I would never have made the curry on my own but you make it seem super easy and yummy.

    In England, or at least for me, it's pronounced like "wuh-ster" (although now I've said it a few times and it doesn't mean anything any more). I also never say the "shire" but I'm not sure how this is around the world.

  30. These meals will be perfect for those weeks after my baby is born! Thanks for the great ideas.

  31. miss trish says:

    My Mind Over Munch Diva has done it again!!! Girl!! You know I'm trying this, your recipes and ideas are a stable at my house. Thank you and Christian for everything!!!

  32. I loved this video! I can't wait to try the yam & lentil curry 😉 I'd like to see more videos like this. Have a great day girlie!

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