Frosting for Dinner Recipes

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  1. Ya Boi Yoda says:

    Damn I'm early

  2. first time ive been first

  3. ExOTiC 1234 says:

    I'll be sure to check out Shark Tank tonight! Thats so cool!

  4. Frosting? You guys are unhellthyjunkfood now

  5. John Smith says:


  6. Hi Jay P ( i have no clue how to spell)

  7. J Elle says:

    Who's in the notification squad ?

  8. Regular says:

    If i reach 1250 subs by tommorow i'll burn my nipples with an iron next vid :D

  9. LMAOOOO these videos are too funny.

  10. MD B says:

    Omg first


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