Healthy Lunch Ideas for School & Work!

Let’s make lunch fun! Here’s 5 Easy and healthy lunch ideas for back to school! Which DIY lunch idea was your favorite?

Let’s get to 2000 likes for another healthy recipe video! – Ally

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I purchased my ingredients from Trader Joes and Safeway.

DIY Lunch idea 1 – Brunch Sandwich
You need: Torta bread, marinara sauce, egg, and arugula.

DIY Lunch idea 2 – Chicken Pita Wrap
You need: pita or flat bread, Trader Joes 3 layer hummus, arugula, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast.

DIY Lunch Idea 3 – Herb Chicken Pizza
You need: Torta bread, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, herb chicken, and basil.

DIY Lunch Idea 4 – Spinach Ravioli
You need: frozen spinach ravioli, spinach, cherry tomatoes, olive oil/truffle oil, and pepper.

DIY Lunch Idea 5 – Salmon rice bowl
You need: Rice, broccoli, salmon, rice seasoning and basil.

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