Cheap, Easy, Healthy Slow Cooker Beans Recipe – How to Cook Slow Cooker Beans

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32 Responses

  1. more food videos pls

  2. Cathy Miller says:

    More recipes please!

  3. are you both vegan? I know you have an E book but I'm not sure if its vegan based. if so ill def be getting it :]

  4. Can you please show more recipes – thank you

  5. You guys are great! Just bought slow cooker excited to cook beans :)

  6. Selena Lopez says:

    Please make more videos like thissss!!

  7. natingles says:

    I love black beans! <3

  8. Couple sex shit w/ food. (Hey, it works)

  9. awww! the cat is cute

  10. David Hall says:

    I was under the impression that all beans except garbanzo beans had to be boiled to get rid of the inherent poisons in these beans.

  11. Fall Out says:

    So how important is it to soak the beans? I just wash mine then put a bag of beans in the crock pot before I go to sleep. I wake up and they are done. Never had an issue with them.

  12. Do you still have the cat? I see Loki a lot on your ig, but not your car so I wonder?

  13. Randy Warren says:

    Just a heads up. You might want to pre sort your beans. I've found small stones, and tiny dirt clods in packaged dry beans.

  14. Annie B says:

    What a great kitchen! love you guys (and the bloopers!)

  15. love the video, more please ?

  16. queenrei34 says:

    You guys are adorable! Thanks for the recipe.

  17. Hoopiyali says:

    Hi guys! Huge fan of your channel! Can you please upload more clean eating videos? You guys talk a lot about clean eating–and quite frankly there are a lot of fake "clean" foods out there–so it would be nice to see what you guys eat more and really figure out what "clean" is. Thanks!

  18. Please do this kind of videos more often… With the bits at the end! Love it, keep up the good work guys

  19. Your World says:

    I definitely admire both of your vibes and relationship it seems so healthy love the way you both project yourself to the world who wouldn't want a relationship that's mutual

  20. Kat Z says:

    those animals casually walking by))) made my day

  21. Please make a million more food videos!! This was very helpful; its great to see the types of food you guys eat. You are my fit-spiration, and so much of health and fitness is food related! Ok, i'm going to stop binge watching your videos now 🙂 Thanks again!

  22. 2 bags??? That is A LOT of beans!

  23. Gem Neri says:

    I make this on the stove top without soaking them and it takes about two to four hours on very low heat.

  24. georgie23 says:

    Your supposed to separate the good from bad beans as well!

  25. Lisa Padilla says:

    Great video, I love to eat beans but always have trouble making my own, so Thank you Thank you for this video :-D

  26. Vera says:

    how long does it last in the fridge?

  27. Do they have all kinds of pets!! LOL saw a cat and a dog

  28. thanks for the info! I definately will use the helpful tips you taught

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