Heathy Breakfast Ideas! Summer Breakfast Recipes!

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20 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    You always have the best food ideas!! these look so good ?

  2. Peyton Jones says:

    I should use Alex aionos songs!

  3. Maddie P says:

    Is bee pollen vegan??

  4. I love these healthy food videos! Please do more. I normally have a piece of toasted Ezekiel bread with avocado, salt, pepper and some lemon juice.

  5. Tina Tina says:

    Anybody noticed that she spelled 'heathy' in the title? xDLoved the video! :D

  6. CarolaneCP says:

    I need to try these sweet potato toasts!

  7. HC C says:

    Your Recipes always look good but I would make them …..?
    Who agree with me ?

  8. What food processor do you use?

  9. honestly. i dont know why you dont have more subs. you have such amazing vids. perfect editing.

  10. Ciara Ahern says:

    That sweet potato recipe is genius!

  11. RoRo HuSsaIn says:

    my love my queen ?? the best

  12. Audrey H says:

    Woah, the sweet potato recipe looks freaking cool, I'm gonna try it out as soon as posiible! Thanks for this video ?

  13. Rachel Singh says:

    All of the food looks so good

  14. GlanzGuru says:

    Your recipes always look so good, Liv!

  15. Nicole Marie says:

    All of the food looks so delicious!!!

  16. These all look amazing

  17. Odelia Yonas says:

    Editing on fleek❤️?

  18. Maddy S says:


  19. Inspo 123 says:

    Yumi! Perfect for summer! :D

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