3 Summer Party Food Recipes | Healthy Grocery Girl Cooking Show

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  1. Ansul Singh says:

    Jennifer garner cooking.

  2. Hello, Megan! Thank you for your recipes! ? Do you have your favorite recipe of summer drinks (lemonades)???? I want to fill 5 liter dispenser for the 2nd birthday party of my daughter?

  3. How long will the salad last in the fridge?

  4. Chia seeds have a delicious nutty flavor. Do hemp seeds taste similar to that??

  5. With recipes like this I AM excited for summer! Delicious! Thank you for sharing! ~Lori

  6. Hi Friends!! Who is excited for summer?! Thanks so much for watching our videos, it means so much to us (Aaron and I) and we appreciate you!! Have a wonderful day! xx Megan

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