How To Meal Prep – Ep. 1 – CHICKEN (7 Meals/$3.50 Each)

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20 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    Love this meal prep! btw, why do you use coconut oil? and can I use olive oil instead?

  2. Wee En Tan says:

    Is the chicken dry?

  3. well what do you eat for breakfast, or lunch or diner? this is what i don't understand for meal preps 🙁 i'm always on the go and i hate eating junk food

  4. Kamran Khan says:

    I like you channel….I want you to cook one day for karate staffs thing

  5. You really like coconut oil don't you.

  6. Supra00717 says:

    the hair………………but why?

  7. abii pmh says:

    is this for a day or for a week?

  8. nichome210 says:

    table spoon of what????

  9. badmuthasuka says:

    Where do you buy the containers?

  10. Kwaaistudio says:

    This is great. Thank you so much.

  11. Just a little constructive criticism, coconut oil has like 2x more saturated fat than Olive oil. TALK ABOUT CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. And I noticed you put it on everything! Crazy! I would try Olive oil instead, you'll get WAY less saturated fat and A TON of polyunsaturated fatty acids (those are beautiful). Olive oil is significantly more healthy. I'm not on the coconut oil band wagon unless it's for skincare products?. Also I noticed you cooked your broccoli in a ton of water. The nutrients in the broccoli literally drain out into the water when you cook it, then you dump that water down the drain. I would recommend to cook it in as little water as possible or get a steamer basket. Just FYI. Good video though! ?

  12. Tony Tran says:

    thanks for the video. how come you cut the chicken at angle facing down?

  13. jnana1985 says:

    Is coconut oil healthy to eat?

  14. thekillerfle says:

    The Frontier label on the jar of cayenne :3 I work at frontier Co-op I might have handled that cayenne 😛 big 250lb barrels of it :P

  15. Rayray1001 says:

    I'm not eating week old chicken brotha

  16. Ashley W says:

    This looks good! Also looks easy to make for someone like me who doesn't know how to cook. Plus you're funny ;)

  17. just one question do you guy put it in the fridge

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