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  1. Brettcap (I hope I spelled that right!), I have learning issues but I would love to learn about healthy eating!!

  2. I've watched a lot of yours and Carli's videos about healthy eating habits and I want to start eating healthier, but I'm 15 and live with my parents. The food that my mom makes is very southern. I was just wondering if you had a way I could try to get my whole family to switch without my mom feeling insulted.

  3. this would be good under broiler kobob style

  4. That dish looks great, i may give that a try, a lil suggestion the plate you place the food on is pretty, but think about using a white plate for your video so your food will look even better coming across the screen

  5. Hi Brett,
    great recipes thank you Me and my son enjoy !!!!!

  6. Jessido P. says:

    @brettcap great recipe, thank you. One of the first both my husband and I enjoy!!! it does taste like coconut but it compliments the flavor so well. I added garlic and herbs from frontier spices and added lightly steamed Brussels sprouts, delish!!!

  7. knockitofff says:

    good stuff……"music" sucks though

  8. Ashia says:

    I just cooked this meal and its absolutely delicious!!! Thanks 

  9. Shuva Biswas says:

    It looks nice and delicious. Could you tell me the calorie content. Thanks

  10. You people and ur fucking oil fucked the culinary world this stuff makes everyrhing taste lie shit thank you, you peices of shit

  11. I was thinking because i could nit find the sweet peppers and coconut oil could i use bell peppers instead of the sweet and use butter instead of the coconut oil please tell me what you think so this dish will be amazing I'm cooking for my wife and i want this to be as good as possible 

  12. STLR says:

    You didn't explain how long to cook the chicken on each side 

  13. Healthy pasta please!

  14. What is this pan called please? Or are there any other alternatives to cooking this meal? 🙂 

  15. Fabíola.F says:

    Hey Brett! Love your food vídeos and I was wondering, what can we eat for dinner… I was trying to eat just soup with no potato but I don't feel satisfied and I normally go back to the kitchen an hour later and eat something I shouldn't 🙁
    Any suggestions? Thanks! 

  16. Yai Leon says:

    Can you please make healthy breakfast recipes!!!

  17. D' Ryals says:

    I'm so going to try all your cooking videos I need to loose my baby weight 45 pounds! Keep it up… 

  18. gaby toumi says:

    Omg Brett ty so much! On my way to the grocery store, I'll make this for dinner 2nite for my husband and daughters ?? n thanks 4 all the change you R making in our life's 

  19. Hi I have 3 questions but for explain r kind of long it's a way to mail tnx 

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