Bread Roll Recipes Video | Bread Samosa Recipe | Only in two 2 minute | Sandwichbread Recipe Easy |

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10 Responses

  1. mean teen says:

    i dislike because picture and title says bread samosa but you did not show bread samosa only roll.

  2. why u cheated with viewer what u made was different thing and what u displayed in thumbnail was completely different u should be true and real with the viewers

  3. it takes 10 minutes to make and it will be better if you film it in a nice way

  4. it so bad recpie stupid ,ediot

  5. kiddi123 says:

    fake video. .. wtf cover shows samosas and she made the rolls in the video ?

  6. it is not a samosa its a roll. u can'nt make the fake vedio

  7. it is not a samosa its a roll

  8. Riz Rafiq says:

    she just made it as a roll or sum kind of stuff.. not as samosa

  9. Jedd Cook says:

    do you know how to make husband mutton samosa :)

  10. WannaBite says:

    a most delightful video and recipe.thank you so much for sharing with us today.

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