Rava Uttapam | Instant Sooji/Semolina Uttapam Recipe – Breakfast Recipe | Ruchi’s Kitchen

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45 Responses

  1. Asha says:

    My next breakfast to tomorrow!!!! Thanks for this channel in you tube that to make me the life easy ?

  2. What do you eat it with? Do you compliment with something else for breakfast?

  3. Ashu Soni says:

    I tried yesterday and it was just awesome… Thanks ?

  4. hi ruchi tried this recipe for breakfast today.it came out really well.my hubby loved it.thanku

  5. Rajshri,am a great fan of u…u look gorgeous and detailing the recipe makes.easy to everyone…thank u a ton…

  6. what type of Tawa is tht ? can u please suggest our tell us which brand and type u r using TIA

  7. seema sharma says:

    I'm ur fan
    you and your recipes are awesome umaaah xoxo ??

  8. can rajshri food can do a video for simple snacks with fruits ,potatoes,tomatoes

  9. Roza Poll says:

    can I use egg instead of curd?

  10. i tried it n it was tasty! thnks ruchi.. i like ur way of explaining n telling every thing!

  11. Alok Nagpure says:

    Ha ha ha..thanks ton Ruchi… i messed it up making these last time…. With your advice i'll nail it for sure…. thanks again….

  12. Mindblowing receipe.keep it up.Upload some bottlegourd and drumstick receipes

  13. is eno salt necessary

  14. very nice and healthy recipe.

  15. thank God she dint say HEALTHY…and ya btw this is nothing new ruchi presentation is nt everything…poor girl showing off 2much…..

  16. super recipe thankyou ?

  17. aditi das says:

    can i use baking soda instead of eno???

  18. Robin Om says:

    What purpose does the fruit salt serve?

  19. Robin Om says:

    What option dos a vegan have? Instead of the yogurt, can coconut cream be used.. or another substitute?

  20. Can we eat it with something?

  21. Do the carrots cook through or they remain crunchy?

  22. Ajit Parmar says:

    Yes this is for my breakfast tomorrow its a awesome recipe as well as a healthy one thank you so much

  23. Since sooji is great for people trying to lose Weight..could you post more of such recipes with healthy ingredients and easy to make!

  24. Lekha Rasha says:

    can u tell a substitute for eno?

  25. substitute for Eno please

  26. Anna says:

    is this gluten free?

  27. healthy rava uttappam nice looks healthy

  28. wow superb? u r gr8 rucha

  29. Megha Singh says:

    New 1!!gonna try this!

  30. Awesome recipe Ruchi ☺☺will try soon ?

  31. lovely looks good

  32. Vicky Tessio says:

    Hello ! This is Vicky Tessio, Spanish VO. I recorded some voice overs in Spanish for your videos at the beginning of 2015, wondering if they are going to be uploaded at some point. Thank you!

  33. latha vm says:

    super yummy ?

  34. I am vegan and I dont want use yogurt, is there any other thing I can use ?

  35. misha chawla says:

    the only thing I will subtract from this is carrots. as they are sweet..

  36. Mishra Manu says:

    Healthy breakfast. ….. will try it =>:D<

  37. Thank you I will try this

  38. Divya Bohra says:

    and how many uttapam can be made using this batter

  39. Divya Bohra says:

    totally how many cups of water did you use to make the batter

  40. Yummy….!!! I will surely give it a try… ☺☺☺

  41. so simple yet nutritious. definitely it's worth to try

  42. neha korde says:

    omg ? this looks interesting ! can't wait to try out this one. ofcourse this gonna be my breakfast for tomorrow !

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