21 Day Fix Recipes: Quick & Easy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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  1. boozapian says:

    When you cooked the eggs, you forgot to account for the olive oil you poured into the pan. That was at least a tsp, if not more. You need to measure it into a tsp first, THEN pour it into the pan, and not forget to count it was one of your teaspoons.

  2. Thanks this really helps.  Easy ideas to help me get started.   :)

  3. Ashlee Hill says:

    Excellent! Thanks!

    I can't cook either, so this is great. Lol

  4. Use non Stick skillet too.

  5. Brad Wyant says:

    this was great so easy an simple to follow. I loved the video effects and explanation.

  6. why did you use 1/2 container of salsa?

  7. Olive Oil Spray is good.

  8. kecfernandez says:

    Everything loooks good.. Thank you !

  9. A none stick pan to eggs…

  10. Hi ! Where does it say that only half container can be used for the salsa? Or can the purple container be full? Thx!!!! Please respond !

  11. Lani H says:

    get a non stick pan

  12. Ugie Moore says:

    No we love your videos the longer the better as long as your talking to us lol I so enjoy your channel 

  13. Ugie Moore says:

    I have a misto and you fill it with olive oil or whatever oil you are using

  14. Ugie Moore says:

    You need cooking spray so no stick lol

  15. Quick 21 Day Fix meal ideas!

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