3 Healthy + Easy Recipes You NEED To Try! | Back to College

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18 Responses

  1. Lauren Grace says:


  2. Where is your top from?! So cute!!!

  3. Lupe T. says:

    Awesome video!! Where is your shirt from :)?

  4. I've never had quinoa but your video really gave me a good reason to try it!!

  5. Frew Sedr says:

    I cant cook no seriously i cant follow a recipe for life of me

  6. Alexa Cowan says:

    Looking forward to trying some of these meals for college! By the way, your hair is gorgeous!

  7. Dani377e says:

    Hi! I love your college vids – im gonna be a freshman this fall and your advice is easing my nerves a bit haha love you!!♡♡


  9. sofiayth says:

    It's 01:20 here and I should be sleeping but now I can't stop thinking about food! Everything looked delicious. Oh, and you look gorgeous, by the way.

  10. haley_castle says:

    Are you wear extensions? you're hair is so long lol

  11. Kimberly Ann says:

    I'm with you.. I literally wake up with my stomach grumbling. I've never made quinoa in almond milk but I NEED TO

  12. Sara Ozer says:

    I'm a Chi Omega at Arizona State! Love this video, and your channel :)

  13. Dee Byrd says:

    AHHH! this is literally the video I filmed today!! lol definitely make a series of this!

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