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Get ready for your next road trip with these 3 easy recipes. Forget the stale potato chips and boring energy bars on your road trip. Instead, try these easy and tasty recipes the next time you’re headed out of town. From savory onigirazu rice sandwiches to sweet trail mix, watch the video for three bites that will last you from breakfast straight through the mid-mark munchies. Simply prepare them ahead of time so you can sit back and enjoy the journey!

We’ve partnered with Embassy Suites by Hilton to prepare you for your next adventure.

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21 Responses

  1. I'm going on a road trip next Tuesday and I'm staying at embassy suites and I go there every year

  2. 1cakesz says:

    Love this! I'm going on a picnic tomorrow so perfect timing!

  3. Shannon herr says:

    I'm going on a road trip

  4. These recipes look good. ??

  5. Darian N says:

    Love this and her! ?

  6. I'd rather just eat brandy

  7. Cutecookie7 says:

    dang it I just got back from a road trip

  8. RakalDIY says:

    I just got back from a road trip ?

  9. CrazyCath says:

    12th person who watched! :)

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