3 Healthy Lunch Bowls | Back-To-School Lunch Idea 2016

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33 Responses

  1. Greek yogurt can be an awesome healthy substitution for Ranch dressing

    p.s. my fav is Chobani would fit super well in this

  2. loody2pm says:

    You are amazing thank you so much!

  3. maria noto says:

    Love all three…love your ideals of cooking your great

  4. I've been a long time subscriber and I honestly think you're so talented. Love your videos so much, but does anyone else think she should be on chopped? She could totally win. (:

  5. The vegan bowl look so good??

  6. Gabrielle W says:

    i wish i could like this twice!

  7. Yasmine M. says:

    the first one really makes me think of Bibimbop, a traditional Korean dish!

  8. Goodness gracious!!!! We are SO making the California roll bowl and parading it around our office to all of our  envious coworkers!! 😀 Great video, Domestic Geek!! :D

  9. Loving all of the back to school ideas! Please keep them coming!

  10. i LOVE the first two… so delicious for when you want something cold and fresh. are these all one serving each?

  11. 32k0c says:

    I thought for a long time that your last name was pig, and then I googled it and realized I'm just bad at spelling.

  12. First Last says:

    My least favorite one is the vegan one.

  13. Meghan Lewis says:

    Lunch bowls! Genius!

  14. You would seriously have the best restaurant if you chose to open one!!?? your recipes are always amazing

  15. Hami H says:

    I know that the fuller the dishes look, the more appetizing it is, but I know I like to mix all of those ingredients together, and having a bowl overfilled like that is going to make such a mess for me…

  16. Harnish1102 says:

    love bbq chicken salads… never thought of putting pineapple on it

  17. Can you please do some warm hearty winter meals please?!

  18. Laila Minhaj says:

    love ur lunch ideas..
    love ur smile..
    love ur face looks..
    love ur hairstyle ???
    love from Pakistan. .

  19. thumb up for the vegan option!! thank u! :)

  20. I tried making your california roll inspired bowl today, it was awesome! Keep up the amazing work :D

  21. Leah Dreussi says:

    what order would you put the vegan bowl ingredients into a jar? this salad has to be on my meal prep for next week.

  22. Jennifer Le says:

    Love this idea!! Would love to see what other lunch bowls you come up with!!



  25. Sonali Singh says:

    It's like you take my favourite things & make them cheaper/easier/cleaner… Genius!!!

  26. johana KO says:

    how exactly do you eat these ? do you mix them or ?

  27. BrotherTree1 says:

    Good stuff. I'm a well-known carnivore but even I think the 3rd (vegan) one is the best of them all! You already had me with kale and the balsamic vinaigrette. The rest is like a delicious bonus :D

  28. Royal Lady says:

    I just love looking @ your face, u are beautiful nd I love your dishes.

  29. Deborah Ann says:

    I really want to try the BBQ chicken one :)

  30. Rodica Dinu says:

    Do you have any ideas for the poorer bunch? We don't all afford chinoa seeds and avocados and kale and…

  31. Aries Music says:

    I love all these recipes, thank you! Definitely making them for school :)

  32. Always Love your videos ??
    plz post more of healthy school lunch videos ..

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