What I Eat In A Day – Pescetarian Recipes & Healthy Lunch Out! – Mind Over Munch

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  1. I would love a dog food series!!

  2. Alex Lee says:

    You can always make your own "fresh pressed juice" by blending up veggies in your high power blender and straining them with a strainer and cotton cloth 🙂 

  3. Katie Pacyna says:

    I love that your dog's name is Kristen.

  4. Jazman Smith says:

    Yes please on the dog recipes. All I've ever done were the PUPcakes.

  5. claudiaz5 says:

    I rarely post any comments but I really like your channel and I love your "What I eat in a day" videos, I myself am a pescaterian so I do appreciate the new ideas 😉

    Btw, what do you think about this trendy sweet potato toast? Have you done it? Could you make a recipe with it?

    You do a great job, and also are an awesome inspiration! Thanks for everything you share!

  6. msmazzy may says:

    yessss pleeease dog recipes pleeease lolol

  7. Grace Sauer says:

    Just saying, no hate intended, but if you have to portion it out you probably shouldn't be eating it but still love you! Just a helpful tip

  8. Dog food series – Yes, please!!! Love making healthy treats and food for my pup.

  9. Dog food! Dog food! Dog food!!! 🙂
    Send you and your furry baby my love.

  10. Luv the tip about the coconut aminos as I have a soy allergy!! not a huge fan of seafood but I will def adlib w sum chkn or pork!! Luved it all!!

  11. I love the newer style of your "what I eat in a day" videos where its a mix of sitting down and talking and cooking as opposed to a vlog.

  12. yes yes yes!! please got a new puppy I would love some recipes

  13. Mary Lou says:

    Thanks for more ideas and inspiration. I went vegan not to long ago but, struggling on what to eat and what to substitute . I cut out red meat for years no problem, dairy makes me feel horrible and trying to cut all that out as well. I do not want to substitute fake ingredients . I have a family so, it's hard to cook for all of us. I don't care about labels, this is strictly for health. Need to find a happy medium, maybe Pescetarian is the way to go?

  14. Alma H says:

    Yes to dog series please! ❤️

  15. A Vetula says:

    Yes to the dog food!!!! my poor pup has acid reflux thank u!!!

  16. yes please share dog food and treats. i love my puppies and want them to go old with me. thank u :)

  17. Can you do some healthy lunch ideas for Back-To-School? If possible, I would like it to be low carb!

  18. I would love to see what you make for your dog!

  19. Mrs Esty S says:

    thank you for the inspiration!!

  20. Sayak S-G says:

    OH MY GOSH! My diet is pescetarian so this is a PERFECT recipe for me. A couple questions: How do you spell your dogs name? Did you rescue her or get her from a pet store? Your dog is so cute! Our family rescued our dog. Poached egg is also my favourite way to eat an egg. I LOVE runny yolk. We are similar in that way. Like you I think that if I'm going to eat the yolk I want it gooey so I can savour it. Happy Thursday!

  21. Yes, please. I hope your fur baby is going to be ok. Prayers always!!

  22. Reiah Jaffer says:

    Your dog is adorable? you should do more back to school lunches

  23. Keiko Tanaka says:

    Definitely YES to the dog food series!!! The cauliflower rice trick is super clever! I'm going to have to try it.

  24. Maria Garcia says:

    I've missed your videos!!! I hope your baby is feeling good!

  25. AWESOME content awesome channel awesome and useful information

  26. Marrailoo says:

    Ok I was going to comment salmon is unhealthy but GIRL EGGS ARE SO UNHEALTHY PLEASE LOOK IT UP

  27. I LOVE riced cauliflower. So good! I didn't think about adding it to rice instead of having it on its own, great idea!

  28. goodi2shooz says:

    awwww. … your dog is beautiful! I have a special needs doggie too with a heart murmur. Everything looks really delicious and gave me some great ideas.

  29. DuarteFTW says:

    Yes! doggie recepies! Thumps up :3

  30. David Turner says:

    omg I LOVE what I eat in a day I think they're my favourite!! also, a dog food series is definitely a good idea to consider! thanks for these amazing videos, as always!

  31. Hi, Alyssa. Another great video as always. What do you enjoy about vegan meals? Have a good day, Alyssa. I am looking forward to my Strawberry Vanilla Pudding. ???

  32. Janel Bruan says:

    OMG YES! DOG FOOD RECIPES! My dog is a super picky eater and she's been more responsive to our homemade treats than her dog food.

    BTW: Greek Yogurt, mashed ripe bananas, and peanut butter mixed into a small disposable container makes a great doggy ice cream for these HOT southern California days.

  33. Tina32 34 says:

    I am new to you!! I love all the videos I have seen so far! you are awesome. I personally would love to see dog food videos!!! great idea!

  34. lyricann36 says:

    I lost my yorkie about 3 months ago to kidney disease. I made her foods and treats for awhile. It did help prolong her life. Good call on making meals for Kristen!

  35. Such a cute dog, would love to see dog food videos!

  36. Yisel Yisel says:

    Oh yes please!!!!!! Dogs food recipe yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. AfroChic94 says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww your dog is so cute ???, great recipes! A dog food series would be cool!!!

  38. Poke is life. That stuff is soooooooo soooo good.

  39. Thumbs up for more What I Eat In A Day videos! Let me know what kind of What I Eat In A Day you want to see next!! Love you!

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