VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS PART 2 (wraps, noodles, spring rolls)

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  1. saw this and ur last video I'm subscribing

  2. Jane Clayton says:

    wooooow. i was expecting the cheescake dip to be complicated lmao

  3. flesia bye says:

    this looks soo GOOD now if only my mom would make me one XD

  4. Hey Soo says:

    I thought you looked familiar and I've been trying to figure out who you remind me of… You kind of look like the Brooklyn & Bailey twins haha!

  5. Love love love your videos so much! You're so creative

  6. The quality of your videos are amazing! You've gotten a lot better. Keep up the good work!

  7. Just Dez says:

    where do you get began chicken and what brand is it called?

  8. your channel is my favorite. thank you for all the amazing ideas!!!

  9. Ruby Rose says:

    Love these types of videos and your channel!

  10. fall back says:


  11. Lina M says:

    What tortillas do you use?

  12. Idk says:

    for the rice paper I suggest dipping it in the water and taking it out right away while its still hard so you can put it on your surface easier and in a few seconds it will absorb the moister and become soft but u don't have to worry about it wrapping up in itself when your trying to lift it up :)

  13. WHOA! A few days ago you only had 6,000 subscribers! Now you have 20,000!? You're gaining so fast! That makes me happy 🙂 The vegan message is spreading like a wildfire!

  14. Great video great idea for lunches for work as well. Thank you congrats on 22k. you channel reminds me of lexi Lombard channel with the into its so cute..

  15. Rachel Lee says:

    i would totally buy a book/ebook of these recipes. my 4 year old loves these videos and asks me to make them straight away

  16. You have beautiful hair and I love your eyes :)

  17. thank you for these ??

  18. Please do more videos like this!!!

  19. Bravo darling!!!??. Loved this video

  20. Ezra says:

    Can you do some high protein vegan lunch boxes? I'd like more ideas :)

  21. I love how creative you are

  22. michell g.c says:

    Please make more :)) really good video

  23. Does any one else think that she looks like the twins from brooklyn and bailey? I do.

  24. Sandyt says:

    love your videos and absolutely love your recipes :)

  25. loveeee this video! so cool watching your channel grow. <3 your channel is goals

  26. amazig like always!!! is it vegan cheken??

  27. Great video. Congrats on 22K !

  28. Great video. Congrats on 22K !

  29. Megan Kim says:

    These videos are super cute and now I want a bento box with all those foods haha ??

  30. Eleena says:

    i live for these videos omg

  31. You have no idea how much I was waiting for this! You're so beautiful love. I hope your day is good!

  32. leslie chamu says:

    I want to be vegan now after this

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