3 Easy Vegan Back to School Lunch Ideas | Lunchables | Healthy Lunch Ideas | Mexican | The Edgy Veg

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21 Responses

  1. Have you done a video with the lunch storage containers?

  2. Julia Morgan says:

    I love these ideas! Definitely going to be stealing some of them for when school starts!!

  3. ??????awesome video

  4. Yum!! Love the second lunch idea!!

  5. ????????

  6. ✌✌✌✌ close enough lol

  7. Mezasu says:

    I really like those containers! Can't wait to try these.

  8. 404now says:

    Gr8 ideas. They help a lot. Thank you.

  9. BellaBella says:

    Love this! And I spy PC containers! Can you do a 'sweet' snack idea? I tend to fail at healthy eating at dinner time when the sweet tooth kicks in

  10. Josey Marie says:

    Your hair looks so amazing ?

  11. Azra Kunz says:

    These lunches are too much effort for me, even when I'm at home. I'll just grab a hummus sandwich. I'm such a lazy piece of shit. ?

  12. You remind me of Jess from New Girl!

  13. Ⓥegan says:

    These all look delicious but I need more carbs

  14. Loved the bean idea! I'm so making that

  15. I like these, but I don't like the way you explain what you're putting in. It almost comes off as you are unsure of what you're adding and as the person who is telling me what to add, I feel confused about it which leaves me unsure if I want to make what you're suggesting. Just thought I'd let you know as some constructive criticism :)

  16. Hanna Bope says:

    Soooo when are we gonna talk about that book???

  17. Gabi Vallejo says:


  18. Those are such sweet containers! Where did you get them from?

  19. What kind of cheese do you use?

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