How to Cook a Healthy Meal with Niomi Smart | Glamour UK

Niomi Smart teaches you how to cook a super healthy squashetti and meatballs which is totally meat-free! Find more recipes like these in her book Eat Smart out now.
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12 Responses

  1. AniS says:

    I absolutely adore Niomi! A wonderful and inspirational person, I am definitely going to try this recipe!

  2. Love this vegan youtuber, such an inspiration

  3. why didn't the guy help her?

  4. Lawlser says:

    eh why does healthy have to mean meat-free? Gamey meat which can be made into meatballs like Venison is perfectly healthy for you if people do not want to eat industrial-farmed stuff. So silly.

  5. Asia Amare says:

    well done niomi!! you have come far

  6. aggsummer says:

    she is amazing!!!!

  7. Saliana says:

    Yeeeeeey, I have my book and I absolutely love it! :)

  8. my favorite youtuber… love this girl!!! my nimbobs ?????

  9. MMM you're making me so hungry! I would be super grateful if any of you watching could check out some of my recent videos and give me any feedback! Much love x

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