Fast Healthy Low Carb Meal For Athletes

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  1. Those OMG's never get old.

  2. sjm8890 says:

    I hate to be "this guy" but I need to correct you on two things.

    1. "Use cauliflower if you don't like vegetables." This is actually bad advice since cauliflower is the most hated vegetable behind brussel sprouts.

    2. "Most people can't eat this much food." That pretty much explains itself. You'd be surprised that most obese people like myself son't fit the stereotype. The stereotypical fat person barely eats any of their food at home and eats a lot of fast food and that is only true for a small percentage. I believe most obese people are like me. We eat and cook most of our meals at home and they are actually pretty healthy but we just eat too much. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that a lot of people can finish that and go back for seconds.

  3. Andy Bernard says:


    Hey everyone,

    Do not let the gross appearance of this dish put you off.

    I made this last night, exactly as shown with tons of Franks Red Hot, and it was delicious!

  4. video6702 says:

    why you throw out the yolk? you can not buy the egg whites from a supermarket???

  5. reanimated6 says:

    "Detox"? really? Unscientific bullshit, damn ppl are fools

  6. hien le says:

    doesn't looks like it's going to taste good

  7. JasoniGR says:

    Best healthy recipe I've seen in ages! Thank you!

  8. Low carb is the worst thing you can do with your diet

  9. DD Andrews says:

    Scooby, you should've never used olive oil for frying.
    Safe oils for frying are oils like coconut, sesame, rice bran, etc.
    Olive oil is best consumed as it is for it's health gains.
    You fry it, you turn it into something unhealthier than healthier, and potentially carcinogenic in long term.
    Generally, we shouldn't be frying our food with oil anyway.
    There are no health benefits from it, other than causing long term health issues, if not short term.

  10. LeifgoesLive says:

    do I have to heat that up in a microwave?

  11. harizotoh7 says:

    Brocollli is great on pizzas. Try it.

  12. JNF says:

    Cooking veggies can denature or destroy their protein content, so it does have some negative effect even if you use the water you cooked them in.

  13. TheBronzeFly says:

    Great vid. Do you own a t-shirt Scooby? Happy to send you one.

  14. Sigurd X says:

    Made this today, followed your recipe with tika masala powder and hot sauce
    very tasty I must say, surprised by the protein content, althought not really since there are 5 egg whites there 😛
    Good food!

  15. no entiendo ingles!?

  16. wait what? people cant eat that? i'm like half your weight and i could do 3 of those plates no problem lol

  17. noam halaly says:

    +scooby1961 how many eggs did you use?

  18. Hey again scooby. Is it possible to replace the eggs with something else? Im vegetarian. Cheers

  19. Erwan Compes says:

    "Please stop parading what you've heard without thinking about it". Yes, please do that and GO VEGAN!

  20. Erwan Compes says:

    "Healthy" "Low Carb" and "Athletes" in the same title. Wow. Low-carb diets have been shown to cause chronic disease and go against the very principles of human physiology. Where are the elite low-carb athletes? Right, they don't exist cause you better carb the fuck up if you're going to have run fast, push big watts on the bike or lift heavy as fuck.

  21. Bush Ninja says:

    Google "vegetable oils aldehydes"

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