*NEW* Healthy Meal Prep Menu 15 | Baked Beans, Buffalo Chicken, Crunchy Kale Slaw

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  1. Debra Goring says:

    Loved the baked beans recipe, just disappointed you didnt use dried beans. Do you have any recipes using dried beans, rather than canned? Also, I dont understand why you (not you personally, other peops too!) need to cook for any length of time if the beans are already cooked, cos you're just combining cooked ingreds… 2-3 h just to allow the flavours to meld together? :O)

  2. where are my milkshakes???

  3. These look really delicious! And that pink lip with the blue jumper is lovely.

  4. Those Western Egg Salad jars would be perfect for us come Deer Season in November. I don't, but my Parents do hunt, and so do many of our Friends & Family, so we usually have a house full that third week of November. Before anyone says it, Deer makes up the Majority of our Meat through the year, & since the hunt takes place on a piece of land we have, if we do have others w/us, then it's shared and even that still helps w/our overall Food Bills. The hide goes to Native Friends of ours for their Moccasin Business & the bones to another Friend to be used in the mix he's come up for Fertilizer. So it all gets used. Sadly, I also know my Parents are in the very few who can do that and that's a shame IMO.

    Sorry for that, but I know what can happen when Hunting gets mentioned, so… I really love this series, as there's been so many great ideas shown & can't wait to try them!!

  5. Gabrielle W says:

    Watching this hungry was a mistake! But my god it looked good!

  6. Erin Kinchin says:

    You can also say "English Sauce" too but it's more fun to say "Worcestershire Sauce"

  7. lennie says:

    OMgosh, your are a food Genius really good food preps, thanks for sharing!! ????

  8. oooooo I beat those beans would be yummy over some cornbread

  9. here in the UK we call it Worcester sauce

  10. Ama do egg salad looks amazing thanks

  11. H2Dwoat says:

    Pronounced woos-ter-sure

  12. I am a vegetarian and I don't know why I am watching this maybe because I looove your videos

  13. Yummy! I LOVE the idea for the buffalo chicken and the western egg salad cups! Going to be making that this weekend. Again, another awesome meal prep video. Thanks for sharing. You rock!

  14. Haha, I am doing my own experiment today with eggs, carrots, tomato sauce, honey, salt and seasonings. I hope it made me absorb good protein and it's also taste delicious! Yassss success :)

  15. I had always wondered about adding corn starch to home made fries, but never got around to doing it. Thank you so much for doing it!

  16. CL Yin says:

    Can u make a asian inspired meal prep which included different cuisines from different asian country? That would be amazing!

  17. Nura Fahz says:

    That buffalo chicken looks AMAZING ?

  18. It's Wooster-sheer ( there's a town in New Jersey called Worcester pronounced Wooster)

  19. jesubeblo says:

    :O this looks breathtaking

  20. I will definitely be trying these recipes, really excited about the baked beans

  21. Tracy Herwig says:

    My dad called it "what's this here" sauce.?

  22. Its hard to say when its not a norm term hahaha! I'm from England and we pronouce it "Wusta" Sauce if you want to say the full name it is pronounced "wusta-sheer sauce" ?? Love your channel ?

  23. i really love your meal prep ?

  24. Ming Li says:

    love the way you perp food, it is healthy yet delicious.

  25. Imah Aziz says:

    Can you make egg rolls recipes for sweet snacking or savory snacking? Love you ?

  26. Could you please do a vegan meal prep menu. I love these types of videos.

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