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  1. Simple and tasty, but how long it can last stored in the fridge?

  2. Ma Kav says:

    Thank you for your reply.

  3. Ma Kav says:

    Hi , my son is going to be 2 this month. I'm finding it hard to make new recipes for him. All I do is add vegetables rice some kind of protein in a pot and pressure cook them .. I don't think he likes them. I don't blame him though… Can u please suggest some breakfast and lunch ideas … Ty.

  4. Grace says:

    I think it's a shame this channel doesn't have more subscribers! (Not that 100k+ isn't a lot) The recipes are so good. I think it might help if you didn't seem quite so .. Scripted sometimes? Just my opinion, but the outro seemed kind of forced / scripted:)

  5. Can I skip the yogurt ? Congrats on yr third !

  6. can i use rolled oats instead of steel cut?

  7. is it okay if i use rolledo ats :/

  8. Germaine Lim says:

    I hear the third(?) baby coming :)

  9. Anybody know of an alternative to a Mason Jar? 

  10. Anna L. says:

    I love making overnight oats! It's so quick and easy to prepare for the morning, and I like to add mangos, bananas, and a little bit of vanilla extract to mine :)

  11. sama adel says:

    I made it yesterday it tastes amazing really Thanks 

  12. enaemic says:

    Hi! How long can this last in the fridge? Coz this recipe is for 4 and i can only eat one a day. Thank a bunch!

  13. XtinaXCX says:

    For my oatmeal, I love to have cinnamon and a minimal flavor of peach.

  14. Tried it this morning and it was delicious! Do you have any recipes for people who are lactose intolerant? 

  15. Annette R says:

    Great idea. We love overnight oatmeal. I have a couple questions. First can this be warmed? Not sure if my daughter would eat it cold. Second since the smaller mason hat can be frozen. Do you think I could make a batch and put them in the freezer and the night before take them out? 

  16. Can you also do this without yoghurt? Does it taste good as well? 

  17. Catherine, I always eat my oatmeal in the morning, but in the summer… are right it´s so yummy something cold …..and this Refrigerator Oatmeal is perfect for that. And you can make it in advance!

    Thanks for the recipe!

    Happy day!


  18. Dawn HM says:

    Whoa pregnant! Did I miss the announcement?

  19. Kindercrafty says:

    Did I miss an announcement? It looks like she may be pregnant!

  20. Question: so you leave the oatmeal raw? 

  21. Can't wait to try this out with coconut milk!

  22. Hi I'm a new subscriber and I love your recipes and I'm going to try this tomorrow thank you so much keep up the great work!!!

  23. I like your oatmeal variations. 🙂 Thank you.

    But I have one big questions. Why are your videos lately OFTEN blocked for me, because you are blocking Germany from watching your videos? 🙁 I get the message, that you did NOT share the video with my country and I absolutely don't understand the reason for it, because it only is for few videos.

  24. Dana Yu says:

    Are you pregnant???

  25. A L M says:

    You are the best

  26. I just got on this band wagon – my oatmeal monster Esme loves it! And I love that I'm not stirring a hot pot for 15 minutes in the morning.

  27. Sara Fumero says:

    I recently became lactose intolerant, would plain unsweetened soy yogurt work as well? Cheers from Italy!

  28. saba khan says:

    I'm so going to try this recipe you seriously deserve more then a million subscribers

  29. Will Quick Oat work?

  30. emilytida says:

    Absolutely love all your recipes! I'm a high school sophomore and your recipes have been so helpful during the school year in the sense that it saves me so much time! I'm planning to try this recipe tonight, but I already know it's gonna be one of those super easy yet super delicious recipes.

  31. nirmiti27 says:

    Can u show some easy vegetarian (no egg ) recipes for diabetes. .which we can prepare ahead if time like this one

    Will try out this recipe too…love you

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