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  1. sonjarrrr says:

    those are really creative and innovative yet healthy new recipes!!! congrats Brianna, thid video is 10/10!

  2. omg I want to make pancakes asap

  3. stray laura says:

    I haven't had proper unhealthy pancakes in forever, so obviously I am gonna try those bad boys first. <3

  4. For the pancakes and the filling can I use coconut oil instead of vegan butter because I don't have access to it?

  5. Terese Neill says:

    Wow loved this video so much! Really want to try these recipes now

  6. Velarosa says:

    omg, those pancakes….

  7. Robyn Starr says:

    everything looks great! good job!

  8. So it's called fall in the UK now is it?! ???

  9. I don´t know what´s happened but you look sooooo beautiful in this video!! I´m not saying that you weren´t beautiful in your other videos, is just that in this one you look so good, with light! :)

  10. Omg Brianna you don't even KNOW how bad I've been craving a cinnamon roll but I didn't wanna deal with letting dough rise and crap. I'm so excited to try the pancakes!!!!

  11. Your recipes used to be low fat now there too scary for me too try its such a shame 🙁 xxx

  12. Samey Insane says:

    I need this pancakes..like right now!

  13. I hate the word fall lol


  15. The sweet potatoes look great!

  16. I have never used pumpkin puree!! Such a cool idea!! Also I can't believe you included ginger!!

  17. Ahhhh sweet potatoes and apples! I literally just made a roast thingy with swet potatoes and pulled oats in it… so yummy! Definitely will be trying a pumpkin smoothie at some point this fall as well :-)

  18. Yeah, ok. Sure! I'm supposed to pick just one???!!! Jeeze Louise Brianna! I have to say, if I'm put against the wire, I would choose those decadent pancakes. YUM!

  19. Hey Brianna was so good to see the recipes after hearing about it on your You Now. I think the fries looked so amazing!!

  20. Celina Brett says:

    Omg!! So Flipping Yummy Looking!!!! Heck Guuuuurl..,…I'm Making All 3!!!!!! Keep Those Recipes Coming!!!!? YOU ROCK!!!??


  22. Renee Eshel says:

    Loved this video Brianna !! ❤️

  23. All of this looks so delicious!

  24. anna baker says:

    The pancakes?? defiantly trying that recipe! Xx

  25. Eve says:

    These look amazing!! Did you get a new piercing?!

  26. those pancakes look so good

  27. im dead at the intro, i hope you were joking but too tired to tell. we know what autumn is we just call it fall too

  28. I live in England so ours seasons are summer, autumn, winter and spring x

  29. You should do a video on 3 unnecessarily difficult vegan recipes for fall!

  30. Annie Marie says:

    these look amazing ???
    I'm so excited to try them all but especially the smoothie

  31. Ron says:

    your face looks like it's at a healthy weight. good for you

  32. the3pic1 says:

    Autumn sounds much better than fall to me.

  33. Hello everyone! Thanks so much for watching this video! So to make life a bit easier, I have listed all the ingredients for each recipe in the description box ?? If you enjoyed watching and like the recipes, it would mean a lot if you would give this video a thumbs up and also share it with your friends and family to inspire them to eat more vegan meals this fall! ??

  34. Scheramo says:

    still waiting for the vegan Mac&Cheese recipe, Brianna! ?

  35. Yes!!!! I am the first for once. love u !!!

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