Chocolate Laddu Recipe | Indian Sweets and Dessert Recipes By Shilpi

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23 Responses

  1. Gupta Nancy says:

    helloo mam…caramel bana bhi sikhate ho aap???

  2. Ak Nk says:

    Mrs.Shilpi great work. what a delicious recipe for kids

  3. But can I use co co powder

  4. Hemali Shahi says:

    I tried making that way, turns out gud

  5. Hemali Shahi says:

    Can v coat this laddu with melted chocolate lik marzipan

  6. Hemali Shahi says:

    chocolate powder & coco powder are same ?
    can I used coco powder

  7. hello can v used cocoa powder..

  8. Farman Brohi says:

    thanks for the first chocolate laddos

  9. dustin king says:

    what if we do not add unsweetened chocolate powder

  10. Nanda Patgar says:

    hey instead of the unsweetened cocoa powder can we put chocolate syrup…. very nice recipe shilpi thanks for making this recipe

  11. Nigam Singh says:

    I made it very bad taste , it doesn't got that much of stiffness: bad experience

  12. Rose Jackson says:

    Hi! Can I use normal cocoa powder?

  13. can I use oreo cream biscuit in place of marie

  14. what is springlers did you want to mean sprinkles

  15. firZmuslimah says:

    Hi Shilpi, nice video dear! Do teach us how to make Gulab Jamun in syrup. Thank you and best of luck!

  16. Sameer Shah says:

    what is sprinkler ? is it a kind of candy ?

  17. I made it and my taste buds exploded.. Yummiest … 

  18. Hi Jasneet and Monika, I have never tried myself but I think you can use chocolate syrup. But then you have to change the proportion of condensed milk and Marie biscuits. Add 3-4 more biscuits and little less condensed milk as syrup is also sweet. Just try and match the proportions by tasting in between while making . Hope this helps.
    Shilpi amit

  19. I also want to ask the same question?? 

  20. Easy and yumm recipe.Can we use Hershey's chocolate syrup instead of coco powder.plzzzzzz reply soon

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