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Easy Indian sweets recipes- chocolate ladoo. This ladoo recipe is also part of my Indian dessert recipe series. These lodoos are super easy and delicious. Laddu or Ladoos are the one of the most famous Indian sweets made during festive seasons or during special occasions. Making traditional ladoos take lots of time and cooking effort. But in today’s busy world we always like to make things quick, easy and still don’t want to compromise on the taste. This is when this instant chocolate ladoo recipe comes handy. These chocolate ladoos are different from traditional ladoos as they do not require any cooking or baking. Make these quick ladoos for kids parties, potlucks and get togethers. I am sure everyone will love them.

Here is the quick ingredient list of Chocolate laddos recipe:
Marie biscuits: 24
Chopped nuts: ¼ cup
Unsweetend chocolate powder: 3 tbsp
Condensed milk: ½ cup
For coating: condensed milk: ¼ cup
Dry grated coconut: ¼ cup
Sprinklers:1/4 cup

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23 Responses

  1. Gupta Nancy says:

    helloo mam…caramel bana bhi sikhate ho aap???

  2. Ak Nk says:

    Mrs.Shilpi great work. what a delicious recipe for kids

  3. But can I use co co powder

  4. Hemali Shahi says:

    I tried making that way, turns out gud

  5. Hemali Shahi says:

    Can v coat this laddu with melted chocolate lik marzipan

  6. Hemali Shahi says:

    chocolate powder & coco powder are same ?
    can I used coco powder

  7. hello can v used cocoa powder..

  8. Farman Brohi says:

    thanks for the first chocolate laddos

  9. dustin king says:

    what if we do not add unsweetened chocolate powder

  10. Nanda Patgar says:

    hey instead of the unsweetened cocoa powder can we put chocolate syrup…. very nice recipe shilpi thanks for making this recipe

  11. Nigam Singh says:

    I made it very bad taste , it doesn't got that much of stiffness: bad experience

  12. Rose Jackson says:

    Hi! Can I use normal cocoa powder?

  13. can I use oreo cream biscuit in place of marie

  14. what is springlers did you want to mean sprinkles

  15. firZmuslimah says:

    Hi Shilpi, nice video dear! Do teach us how to make Gulab Jamun in syrup. Thank you and best of luck!

  16. Sameer Shah says:

    what is sprinkler ? is it a kind of candy ?

  17. I made it and my taste buds exploded.. Yummiest … 

  18. Hi Jasneet and Monika, I have never tried myself but I think you can use chocolate syrup. But then you have to change the proportion of condensed milk and Marie biscuits. Add 3-4 more biscuits and little less condensed milk as syrup is also sweet. Just try and match the proportions by tasting in between while making . Hope this helps.
    Shilpi amit

  19. I also want to ask the same question?? 

  20. Easy and yumm recipe.Can we use Hershey's chocolate syrup instead of coco powder.plzzzzzz reply soon

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