Kale Recipe – How to Cook it, Simple and Easy Recipes with Kale – Video Tutorial

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46 Responses

  1. Jean Richard says:

    Non e difficli per mangiare la insalata di kale

  2. 96150coconut says:

    I have never seen a 50 second video take 12:42 before.

  3. brooklyn says:

    this guy's awesome.

  4. Too much talking. I prefer to watch something that gets straight to the point of cooking…

  5. Tnx chef tony . I'll give it a try.

  6. wizzy duru says:

    chef talks alot..damm

  7. Tony Palermo says:

    Thank you, Chef Tony great video.

  8. or the irish way of making kids eat stuff……you eat it or you starve with a beating.

  9. Yummy, that looks delicious!

  10. Adam Hays says:

    Chef Tony,
    If I boil kale, will the vitamins and nutrients disperse into the water? would I then need to drink the boiled water to get the nutrients? I know that if Kale is steamed that the nutrients stay in the leaves, but Im not so sure about boiled Kale.
    Please let me know if you get a chance,




  11. great videos, like your stories that go with it. My father is from Isernia, how about you?

  12. Thank u I bought Kale for the 1st time . I will try it your way today .

  13. Amy Chapman says:

    Happy New Year Tony! I just bought my first bunch of kale. Made a nice salad but had some leftover. This will accompany my dinner. Thanks!

  14. I bought kale and had been keeping it in the fridge for almost a week or longer. Didn't know how to cook it and then came across this video. Thanks for video.

  15. Brian Ted says:

    too much talking. irrelevant

  16. Renee R. says:

    ~`*YUM!! 😀 Wow!~ I love kale, Chef Tony!~ and now I can cook it up even better!~ Thanks to you!~ *Aloha! <3

  17. Kale is loaded with Vitamins,Minerals and Phytonutrients. Great stuff and very low in Calories. Great Video.

  18. cindy zhan says:

    I love stir fry vege!

  19. so how is a pinenut not a true nut? Ill look it up later but thanks for the video :)

  20. Bellus MUA says:

    your 6 minutes in before you get to the recipe

  21. Yasser Black says:

    I bought kale because i hear all the time it was good. I didn't know how to prepare it so i first ate it raw and it was really hard, i then boiled it, still hard. So i went to youtube to see how it was prepared and i was really suprised that the way to cook it was in the pan. Thanks for the video Tony.

  22. Jenny HS says:

    Hahahaha I love the quote from your grandma, I heard the same thing growing up! More kids need to hear that!!! Thanks for sharing ?

  23. Grazie per la ricetta! Prima di venire negli Stati Uniti non sapevo neanche dell'esistenza di kale:)

  24. david eddy says:

    Hey chef tony, I watched a couple of your videos and they're amazing! Quick question. I work a hectic schedule and have started preportion to lose weight. Any ideas on healthy recipies that will taste amazing if you reheat them 2-3 days later?

  25. Astfresser says:

    personal chef haha 😉 that's good

  26. This man has the gift of gab

  27. I love kale and pine nuts too! Thanks for the delicious recipes!

  28. Brian Graves says:

    Thanks! Good information! I suspect your downvotes are from using metal on non-stick! I would have thrown it across the room! :)

  29. I wish id your accent your, can listen to you talk forever thanks for the recipe btw

  30. Good Video! Check out my videos for healthy cooking recipes if you get a chance! Thanks

  31. Ella Presley says:

    That looks soooo delicious, gone to try it for dinner tonight.  Thanks!!

  32. crazeyspivey says:

    Turned out great……I used cashews and a tablespoon of coconut oil on top a heavy splathering of olive oil, plus 1/5 cup of water, and all your other tips…..but I like my garlic chopped up small.   Went great with chicken and steak fries.  Thanks!

  33. Thank you for the intro to kale!  Kale has kind of intimidated me for awhile, but now I realllllllly wish I'd tried it sooner! 

  34. E Dumas says:

    Great job. No problem with the length as there was no repetition. Just great stuff. Will try that recipe right tonight.

  35. Puja Verma says:

    Nice n easy kale recipe.
    What brand is the multi grain GF bread? Thank you. 

  36. Wayne George says:

    Good video but slightly long winded

  37. You should have your own cooking show on televison. You are a natural! EXCELLENT!!

  38. I've always wanted to learn how to make kale.  Broccoli Rabe is one of my favorite greens to make (very similar to how you made the kale.)  I am now hooked on your cooking site.  Thanks so much for the cooking experience and for that wonderful sense of humor that the Italians are known for.  I know because I am Italian!

  39. nemoryer says:

    Thanks.  I just sent this video to all my friends and family.  I'm getting some today and follow your recipe with the nuts.  LOVE this video.  The best and so easy.

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