Breakfast Recipes – How to Make Scrambled Egg Muffins

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20 Responses

  1. Zain Abbas says:

    Simple and smart. A nice way to make the same old scrambled eggs seem fresh and new again.

  2. filmnoir50 says:

    Yuck. Bring the narrator back.

  3. WHERE'S the narrator? I watch allrecipes because of the clear narration. Bring it back please.

  4. Katie Wahl says:

    This song in the background sounds like "Home" by Phillip Phillips.

  5. Ginger Baby says:

    I don't like the reading ones. Because when I'm trying to recreate it I can't just listen to it. I have to sit and actually watch :(

  6. Joe Mama says:

    Nice recipe gonna try

  7. randyw6106 says:

    Bring the narrator back!

  8. Tina Carey says:

    These look delicious, will definitely give a try, thanks!

  9. Panda Chubby says:

    I would change the sausage for chicken or turkey or fish due to My King respect

  10. babysnooks says:

    First, everyone complains about their voice over person and now everyone complains when they take the vice over away…okay people…there's no playing y'all.

  11. advoluntas says:

    BRING THE VOICE BACK. Tired of reading… if I wanted to read I would buy a BOOK.

  12. Great idea for fancy breakfast she you have people coming over, for us I just make one big into and slice

  13. Where's the narrator? Bring her back!

  14. MariaWoods99 says:

    Those look yummy!! :)

  15. masterofdo says:

    How well do these keep and reheat?

  16. Bake for how long on what temp ?

  17. R.A. Bobby B says:

    I make something like this but have, in the past, added a little flour or corn starch to make a crispier outside. And for dinner, I'll take maple sausage and eggs and add to it. It's a sweet, savory, eggy and crispy popover-like thing.

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