Chicken Pepernota Italian dinner recipe idea. Another one of the best recipes ever from Jack

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21 Responses

  1. Aaron Birch says:

    make the skinny guy eat it!

  2. Isaac Sianez says:

    add some dice green chilles omg…so good

  3. vinnieK says:

    Do you have 2 restaurants,or did you remodel.Pizza oven in some.No oven in some.+ bigger stove in some vidios

  4. Tem Hill says:

    This Peperonata looks delicious.

  5. Ryan Taylor says:

    wow, another i am going to make. Every time, Always, never doubt it. DELICIOUS!

  6. angel roldan says:

    Daddy jack's i'm from philly , i watch all your videos this is what cooking is all about family and friends. My thanks to you chef and bob for your recipes on video,because i enjoy cooking them their delicious, again thank you . Big fan

  7. William Gray says:

    bob needs a lesson on how to use a fork and knife lol

  8. Another winner from Daddy Jack!
    Keep it up guys.

  9. Lorena A says:

    Chicken pepperonata??

  10. Love that. One of my favorite dishes. I make it often. I add chunks of italian sausage to mine. I'll have to try the capers, looks delishious.

  11. keale s says:

    @wisdom rain…don't touch the chicken, let it cook, and it will release by itself.  It sticks because you're moving it to quickly.


  12. Wisdom Rain says:

    Looks so delicious. May I ask? I have trouble sauteing chicken for some reason, it always sticks to the pan. I see you always flour your chicken before you saute, does that help it not to stick? or what is the purpose of that? I love all your videos.

  13. Henry J says:

    I like your videos mate.Been watching for years.Im a chef from the uk, would love to move to america, give me a job please!

  14. Gardis72 says:

    I believe the correct name is peperonata in italian. 

  15. Mimmo M says:

    Nice , practical, easy dish D. J. Keep-a-cookin' with the Blues!

  16. Aaron Brown says:

    Looks good Jack :-)

  17. Jay Davis says:

    Great looking dish Jack, nice work.

  18. Mouse Toes says:

    a Bob sighting!

  19. 1981lookasz says:

    thnx! whats next?? i would appreciate seeing ur Fettuccine Boscaiola.  

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