Healthy Dessert Recipes for Kids: Chocolate Banana Ice Cream – Weelicious

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31 Responses

  1. Abi B says:

    That kid needs boundaries. What a nightmare

  2. Cool Art2510 says:

    Good job and you know what my teacher allowed my group to do this project

  3. she looks so young to have a child

  4. Chester Izzy says:

    she's probably one of those types that brings her kid to restaurant and lets him run all over the place, be loud and she turns a blind eye to it.

  5. i think her son loves her so much, thats cute

  6. next time try using frozen bananas to speed up the process of the mixing and a little bit of milk (any choice or the yogurt if adding) to the cocoa powder so it will be easier to mix in… ( u can leave out the yogurt if u want since the frozen banana will make it thick or u can jus put it in for extra flavor)…….if u want a lighter icecream put it in the freezer for 30 mins and mix again.

  7. Is the Greek Yogurt Non-Dairy? You mentioned this ice cream is non-dairy but you put Greek Yogurt in it?

  8. Kayla K. says:

    as a vegan, this does contain dairy so I could not eat it. but, if you used frozen nanas, cacao powder, agave nectar (or another vegan sweetner) and a vanilla bean (Not extract) it tastes so much better and Is vegan

  9. There is dairy in it

  10. This kid loves food, lol. I do too!!

  11. I made this and replaced strawberries with papaya and it was amazing!! I used to make ice cream sandwiches which turned out sooo good!

  12. Lisa Fyfe says:

    Love your videos. I have made this without yogurt with just bananas and cocoa powder and dates if the bananas aren't sweet enough. Yummy! I have also snuck in spinach since the chocolate hides the green color:)

  13. Liv Mae says:

    He is so cute! and so eager to keep going! aww!

  14. I want ice cream!!!!!

  15. Eve Donegan says:

    That looks deeeeeeeeelicios!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This looks yummy & so healthy !! ..thank you  for wonderful healthy  recipes. good for adults too…God bless you & precious family.

  17. Lena Allison says:

    is vanilla extract safe for kids?

  18. Baja Pro says:

    That's a good idea

  19. Alq says:

    I would be disappointed tasting weak chocolate flavor if I was still a kid. I wonder how many kids are that picky?

  20. Scwurt says:

    Switch the yogurt with peanut butter to turn this into completely non-dairy.  And it is yummier.

    It's funny, I know she corrected her video.  But it makes you wonder if she had been accustomed to not associating greek yogurt with dairy.  Maybe thought it comes from greeks, and not cows.  Lol.

  21. Vanilla extrat has acohol

  22. Greek yogurt has dairy

  23. aleena john says:

    ha the kids gonna kill her 

  24. Greek yogurt is a dairy

  25. iHealth says:

    Since when Greek yogurt is not a dairy product?ahah

  26. Didijosh says:

    Your recipes are awesome 

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